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    The top six toughest phones

    If you’re looking for a phone which is as ‘tough as old boots’ and have no interest in the technical features, the ergonomics or the fancy styling of the latest innovative smartphone, this is the blog for you. If you place practicality and durability over anything else then look no further, here is a list [...]

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    How Blogging May Improve Sales for Your eCommerce Site

    Blogging has become a widely used platform in order to share information. Whether it’s used as a business tool to attract visitors or used on a personal level to express opinions, blogs are everywhere. Adding a blog to your own eCommerce solution may improve sales of your products and/or services as long as the content [...]


    MKM Customs Diesel Truck Upgrading – The Perfect Way to Rumble!

    Guys just want to be guys – they are born with the need to not only appear masculine, but strong and tough. The entire image of the tough guy starts when they are young and appeals to both their peers and to the opposite sex. MKM Customs has not only perceived this trend, but turned [...]


    What Should You Bring When Taking the Certification Exam Test for Cisco?

    The Cisco test is the exam you take when you are ready to work as a certified Cisco technician. Although there is a fundamental test, there are also tests for various subfields of Cisco programming such as the 640-554, which tests a student’s knowledge of Cisco IOS Network Security. When you actually go in for [...]


    Creating a Website that Gets Results

    When it comes to getting the most sales for your business, your website is the most effective tool in your arsenal. Your website is your most dedicated employee, working around the clock and never taking a vacation. Having a well-designed website will boost your sales and help to increase your presence on the Web. The [...]


    Hosting Affiliate: Tips and Tricks to Make Money with it

    There is a global movement towards entrepreneurship opportunities as more and more people seek to become their own bosses and strive towards something greater than being a mere employee. Topping the list of opportunities that are in high demand is work from home opportunities and home-based entrepreneurial ideas. In this article, we are going to [...]


    The Time and Cost of Getting Medications from the Lab to the Consumer

    Are you one of the many people who complain about the high price for prescription medications? Most of us are; especially if we have anyone in our family who has chronic medical needs and are on prescriptions long term. Research and development cost for one medication is enormous. This is an expense that goes into [...]

    Information Technology in Poland

    I recently attended an information technology conference in Warsaw, Poland. In Poland the information technology industry has been steadily growing. The ministry of economics seeks to draw attention to the innovations and success of this industry. Our host took us to visit the headquarters of several companies and encouraged several executives to speak with our [...]