10 Most Used Android Apps For Women

I am definitely a Android app freak and for most of my free times I used to download free apps and write reviews of them. Recently I came across some of the worthy and meaningful apps for Women and I decided to share them to make women life easy and comfortable and hence I decided to write this post. This post is dedicated to womanhood whether in the form of mother, sister, wife, friend or your inspiration. We have come up with 10 most useful Android apps for women, so let us have a glimpse of these apps and see how they can make life comfortable and convenient.

1. My days- Period and Ovulation

Well, its an amazing and quite a useful Android app which track down the period, ovulation and fertility and it’s a useful app for women who are trying to conceive and are on the contraceptive plan.

2. Jorte

It allows you to manage your scattered appointment and let your organize it easily. It is customizable and you can set your calendar view to weekly or monthly. You can even change the background and font color as per your comfort.

3. Expensive manager

This app allows you to record all your spending, based on which you can decide the monthly expenses of coming months. This is pretty easy to use and enables you to easily track where you most of your money goes.

4. WhatsApp

It’s a free messenger app for Android which allows you to send pics, videos, voice notes to your friends. You can easily download it from Google play and can install it on your Android smart phones to be connected to your friends.

5. Our Groceries

The best thing about this app is that it enables you to easily share and sync your groceries list using different devices. It’s a good app for women who want to inform their husbands to come back whom with the groceries items. Just create a list and share it.

6. Kids Doodle

Its quite a worthy app to keep your child engage in creating activity, this app supports various types of brushed and color to create neno art.

7. Viber

Viber is a app just like Skype which allows you to make free calls, video calls, sms across the world. It not only enable you to enjoy the fast and quality calling internationally but also saves your telephone bill by providing you cheaper call rates across the globe.

8. Camera 360

It’s let’s to enjoy creating 360 views of your captured snaps. You can create amazing pics using the offered wide range of variations, effect, scenes and much more.

9. Juice Defender – Battery Saver

The biggest challenge for many is the battery life while using the apps and music on the go. This app allows you to extend the battery life by shutting down the unused apps and lower down the battery consumptions. It save close to 15 to 20 percent of the battery and which means your smart phone can runs for 2 hrs more.

10. Kid Mode

This app allows you kid to play on your Android smart phone and it also includes educational content, storybooks, puzzles, word, number games and much more. All this keep your child busy and involved in creative activity.

So which is your favorite app out of this cool list? Do let us your views on these apps and encourage us to write more on such topics.

This is a guest post by Praveen Yadav, who writes about mobile prices and specifications at his tech blog & he recently posted specifications of Samsung Galaxy SIII.


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