12 Quirky Habits Most Successful Bloggers Do

All bloggers face variety of tasks in their way of building up a successful blog. They carry on trial and error methods and learn from their past mistakes along the way. In this way they come up with various unusual habits, which basically become their recipe for success. In this article, we will talk about 12 such habits, which can commonly be found in most successful and popular bloggers.

Successful Bloggers


Consistency is something, which is a common factor in all the successful bloggers. They usually maintain a niche of their own and write articles, which belong to that niche. Basically readers slowly get used to the type of articles written by bloggers and off the topic articles all of a sudden are not much appreciated. Another important factor is keeping up regular and updated posts. However, posting too often can also be very harmful, hence a particular schedule needs to be maintained.


Getting to the top position requires a lot of perseverance and hard work form the bloggers. It is not an overnight phenomenon. It is a cut throat competition out there with numerous aspiring bloggers entering the circuit every day, but you need to earn your own band of supporters by building trust among them.


Usage of social media is being used very widely nowadays to aid in blogging. It helps in bringing large number of followers, which make their blog an instant success. The blog posts of successful bloggers are usually very light hearted and they always make it a point to answer back to their reader’s comments. This makes them trustworthy in the eyes of their readers.


Blogging requires a lot of hard work and the path is anything but smooth. There might be a number of dejection and discouragements. But one should not loose heart. All top bloggers started out small one day and even they faced these hard days. But the one thing that helped them in racing to the top spot as their passion and love for the work.


Readers want to read articles, which are totally fresh; hence it is absolutely essential to have a creative power. Top-notch bloggers often come up with new things, which are their specialty and cannot be found in other blogs.


You wont find a single blog, which has not been criticized. But bloggers who take these criticisms sportingly usually emerge as successful. They learn from the mistake, which has brought in such type of criticism and try to rectify them from recurring in their upcoming blogs.


Top bloggers don’t hold a fake profile and are anything but arrogant. Success comes because of followers and stays till one has followers.

Unique Identity

Successful bloggers stand out in a crowd because of their uniqueness and connect with their readers.


For attracting reader attention, articles need to be small with catchy headings. Readers are not interested in reading bluff.


Top bloggers can be accessed round the corner and when have to leave they leave back guest bloggers.

Staying Informed

Successful bloggers are voracious readers and provide their followers with most up to date news.


Top bloggers are highly patient souls, as success does not come overnight.

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