12 Things To Do To Transition From Hobby Blogging To Professional Blogging

If you’re a hobby blogger who wants to move into the professional arena, you must know what motivates a professional blogger. Professional bloggers are in it for the money, for the most part. That’s because professional bloggers earn from their blogs, not from jobs. Here’s how you transition from hobby blogging to professional blogging.


1. Invest In Paid Hosting

Most hobby bloggers use a free domain service, with all its down times and speed issues. As a professional blogger, you’ll have to ensure high site availability, good speed and excellent bandwidth. Invest in the best internet hosting service you can afford.

2. Create A Keyword-Based Domain Name

Create a domain name using your blog’s name, or a rich keyword from your niche topic. Either one will help you with search engine rankings. Using your blog’s name will help you when it’s time to promote your blog’s brand.

3. Identify The Right Niche

Think in terms of monetization, now that you’re transitioning into professional blogging. If your present hobby niche has great prospects, go ahead with it, or else select a niche that offers great possibilities. Select a niche for which you feel passion.

4. Get Your Blog Designed By A Professional

Either you get your blog design done by people who know what a professional blog needs, or you do it yourself after studying the top blogs in your niche. Your design should be crisp, user-friendly and visually appealing. Try and invest in a custom template.

5. Avoid Clutter

Serious bloggers want to hold on to their audiences. This means no distractions, excellent navigation and user friendliness. Don’t make the mistake that many beginner bloggers do. Don’t go Ad-crazy and clutter up your blog. Use white space to its best advantage to ensure you’re taken seriously.

6. Create An About Me Page

This page should introduce you as a person and as a blogger. Mention why you’re blogging, what you plan to achieve and how you want to contribute to the blogging community. Provide links to your social networking profiles, links to professional associations where you’re a member and so on. State your blog’s purpose.

7. Identify Your Niche Market

Know who will be your eventual customers. For example, if you’re blogging exclusively about vintage fashion, don’t bother cultivating people who are fans of gothic fashion. Knowing for whom you’re blogging is the first step to eventual monetization.

8. Locate Your Target Readers

Locate your target market – identify them from discussion forums, from social networks and so on. Join the forums and networks, introduce yourself and start contributing to discussions. Provide links to your latest posts. Contribute valuable insights and tips. Your reader base will start building.

9. Write Targeted Posts

Whenever you write a post, evaluate it from the audience’s perspective. Focus on teaching something or solving a problem for your audience. Understand what your audience needs from chat forums, social networks and Q & A sites in your niche.

10. Set Goals For Your Blog

Set your goals even as you transition into professional blogging. Knowing what you want to achieve and by what timeframe will help steadily work towards it.  Set your long term goals in terms of eventual traffic, conversion, sales, profits and financial independence.

11. Make A Business Plan

Create a business plan based on the goals you set for your blog. A plan should clearly indicate your goals, how you plan to achieve each one, and a timeframe for each goal and objective. Your plan should include a content strategy, monetization strategy, and marketing strategy including promotions and so on.

12. Monitor Statistics

Use Google Analytics to know your readership statistics. Aim to increase your traffic volume by X amount every month. Know which pages are the most visited and which pages see the maximum drop-outs. Use these statistics to constantly improve your site and reader retention.

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