20 Questions Companies Ask that a CD/DVD Jukebox or Loader Can Answer

If you are a businessperson, you understand the need for efficiency. The age-old saying, “Time is money” rings true for most in the corporate world. When it comes to technology, businesses have to shell out a lot of money for IT specialists to keep software and hardware up to date.

The last thing anyone wants is to waste time and money on work that an IT specialist is overqualified to do. That’s why products like the CD/DVD loaders and jukeboxes are a perfect investment for those who value time, money, and resources.

1. Do you have multiple users who need access to particular software?

Jukeboxes make sharing a snap. Anyone that has access to your network can use the software that is loaded onto the server.

2. Do have users that need to use software simultaneously?

Since the CD/DVD loader copies the content of your CD onto a hard drive, multiple people can access the same piece of software simultaneously.

3. Do you forever need more backup space for files?

The jukebox acts as an automatic backup. Simply put your CD in, it copies the contents, and then you can put your CD away in a safe place.

4. Are you concerned with the licensing agreements of your software?

When tech specialists hand out copied CD’s, it is difficult to keep track of the number of copies circulating. With a CD/DVD loader, you can use the administrative tools to control how many people have access to the software.

5. Do you continually run out of server space?

By purchasing a CD/DVD loader or jukebox, you can be sure that the server is designed to grow with your company. The loaders can hold between 80GB and 8TB, all easily updated within one system.

6. Do you have trouble organizing your current library of CDs and DVDs?

The servers allow you to arrange your files into folders so it is easy for your employees to find the data they need. No more rummaging through a box of scratched CDs.

7. Do you have media that you need copies of for distribution to people not on your network?

These servers allow you to make up to 12 copies at one time with one loader.

8. Do you have limited IT help?

There is no sense in paying a tech employee to copy and distribute CDs. The CD/DVD jukeboxes are simple, fast, and effective. Your technology department will spend more time doing what only they can do, while the server does the job of data management.

9.     Have you spent a significant amount of money on CD’s and cases?

You will free up money as your system goes all digital. No more need for blank CD’s, sleeves, and those sharpie pens you use to label your discs.

10. Is your production server bogged down because of data storage?

Keep your other servers running at optimal speed and allocate a CD/DVD loader or jukebox to host your data.

Once you make the investment to a CD/DVD loader, your tech department will wonder why you waited so long!



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Leo Preston is a networked storage expert and technology blogger for popular sites in the industry. In this article she answers to the most common questions every company faces while choosing CD/DVD jukebox, server, loader, tower etc, for storage or library management purposes. Google+

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