3 Sonic Games You Shouldn’t Miss

You would have read about how Sonic has lost its charm in the gaming arcades, how you should avoiding them because of their graphic inferiority, metal. While all that is true, there still are a few sonic games that are the best of the entire lot. Yes, sonic games do have its share of ups and downs but which game franchise didn’t? So, while the others are busy criticizing, why don’t you take the opportunity to play your way to these 3 sonic video games that no one can ever put down!

Sonic Games

1.       Sonic 3

Sonic 3 is one of the best video games from the Sonic franchise in the glorious 90s. Released in 1994 and still considered to be a raging success, Sonic 3 is a game you shouldn’t be missing out on. The game won the hearts of fans because of the fact that it had graphics worth dying for. It was one of the most resource hungry games of the 90s and is well known for bringing the then super gaming platforms on their knees.

Another improvement of Sonic 3 over Sonic 1 and 2 lies in the fact that it has levels that are not only more detailed but also adequately lengthy.  The installation of the game also saw Sonic gain new powers when it comes to game moves and tricks.

2.       Sonic 1

Sonic 1 is the game where it all began in 1991. For the first time ever, there was a competitor to Nintendo’s Mario. Armed with amazing graphics, exquisite background music and addictive levels, the gamers, for the first time began to take notice of the arcade mode of games. The secret of this game’s success lies in the fact that it gave everyone a character they can identify with. A cool character with an affinity for rebellion and ass kicking! No wonder it was everyone’s living dream!

It is recommended that you begin with your love affair with the franchise from this game. This is where all the awesomeness began! You can play it at sonicgames365.com.

3.       Sonic Colors

This game is considered as Sega’s first and probably only successful foray in making Sonic an iconic video game franchise in the market of 3D games. The hit quotient of this installation lies in the fact that it had amazingly designed and immensely attractive colorful levels for you to zoom through in Sonic’s character.

Other installations of the franchise that you shouldn’t miss out on include the likes of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic CD.

Author Bio:Brenda Lyttle is a gaming aficionado and a big time tech geek. She is a contributor for sonic games 365, which is a popular portal online to play the entire series of sonic games.


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