4 Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Looking for the potential benefits that implementing a cloud computing system can bring to your business? Cloud computing is by far one of the fastest growing and most beneficial technologies within companies today. If you aren’t convinced in it yet, however, read over these benefits of cloud computing and decide if your company can take on the 21st century without it.


1. In-Sync Information and File Sharing

Handing out memos used to mean printing out and literally handing out memos. You might have even faxed them to a distant office branch. Today, memos are emailed or uploaded to a shared cloud-based filing system. With the click of a button, hundreds of employees can see and access a memo that before would have taken hundreds of reams of paper.
It isn’t limited to memos. Employees can view and edit Excel spreadsheets from any location with internet access, and they can even simultaneously edit files so that everyone has the copy with the latest changes. This eliminates extra work and resources in addition to cutting down on miscommunication.

2. Easier Global Collaboration

In the days before the internet opened all sorts of doors to information sharing, collaboration meant being locked in a conference room with three other people until the project was done. As leaders, like Charles Phillips, former president of Oracle Corporation, push cloud-based solutions, collaborators can be at their own desk or even in the comfort of their own homes instead of sitting in a stuffy office.

A conference call can take care of any questions or discussions while each remote party edits the same shared document. Edits don’t need to be merged to a single document. And collaborators always have access to the document and can work on it when they have time, so no more fiddling with others’ schedules.

3. Incredible Disaster Recovery Ability

When a company’s system goes down, there is always the risk of losing data. Cloud computing providers solve the problem by backing up your systems and files off site. If your building loses power, all your data remains safe. This online database can also make disaster recovery faster if you your system is down or wiped clean. Providers can set alarms within the system that will alert them (and you) if your system is at risk. By quickly finding the solution and reentering any lost data from the cloud, you can significantly lower the downtime your business will face.

4. Reduced IT Costs

Cloud computing rarely comes as a simple off-site back-up system. Instead, cloud computing service providers offer retainers where they will upgrade your systems, taking that weight off of you. You can also hand over your computer maintenance and Help Desk issues, eliminating the need for an in-house IT department. This saves you the cost of office space, salaries, and even training. Equipment can also become more affordable as lease the powerful servers and other equipment you need to keep the system running from your cloud computing service provider, where they are responsible for its health and updates.

Of course, the main reason cloud computing saves money and makes life easier is that it frees up your mind to focus on other aspects of your business. You can let the experts take care of the IT side of things, and that often includes cloud computing.

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