5 Best Apps That Save You Money

In the current economy, experts are divided over what investments are wisest.  Stocks, mutual funds, real estate and even precious metals are recommended by different people.  While few experts agree on the best investments, all of them would agree that apps can be a great financial investment.
Investing in the right apps for your iPhone can help you save money.  In light of their initial cost, the return on one’s investment is astronomical.  Here are the top apps in the iPhone store that are saving people money.



Mint, which has a corresponding website at Mint.com, is perhaps the most popular budgeting app.  It seamlessly integrates all of one’s financial accounts into a single budget program, and displays data in a friendly format.  This app is advanced enough for personal finance gurus to use, yet simple enough for a child to learn from.  Price: Free.

Key Ring Rewards Cards

Several companies allow users to keep their rewards cards in a digital form on their iPhone now, and more companies will in the future.  Key Ring Rewards Cards is an app that puts all of these rewards cards in a single place, the app.  Even cards that are not digital can be uploaded by taking a picture of their barcode.  This app makes it more convenient to use rewards cards and earn free items.  Price: Free.


Pageonce is designed to fulfill the same role as Mint, but Pageonce has a couple additional features.  It can track frequent flyer miles, flight information and cell phone minutes.  There are plans to add a bill-paying feature in the fall of 2012.  Price: Free (basic version).


GasBuddy.com has been around for years, and now it has an app, GasBuddy.  This app helps drivers locate the lowest local fuel prices, so people can save money at the pump.  The prices are updated by users, so they are often very current in major metropolitan areas.  Price: Free.


Finding the best value at the supermarket is not easy.  Often, items are packaged in different sizes.  Even the unit price can be in different units.  CompareIt does all the math needed to decide which item is the best deal.  This app can pay for itself on a single trip to the grocery store.  Price: $0.99.


One’s credit score has a tremendous impact on the interest rate and financial offers one receives, but few individuals understand how their FICO credit score really works.  MyFico will show people their credit score for a nominal fee, but an estimated score is given for free.  The estimated score is based on some questions.  This app also allows people to see what will happen to their score in certain scenarios, such as late payments or credit checks are made.  Price: Free, unless you want your exact credit score.

These personal finance apps help people understand money.  They show users where money comes from and where it goes, its impact on credit scores and how to save it.  With these apps, people can make vast improvements in their home budgets.

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