5 Effective Tips to reduce bounce rate of your blog

Blogging is now the most preferred method for earning money online by writing articles and getting promoted etc. In order to maintain a blog every blogger uses analytics system to keep of record of what is going on in their blog. Nowadays, there are hundreds of blog being launched every day. Because of too many blogs by users, Search Engines have introduced the system of quality rating in order to give a rating to blog to show its quality in which, the most important thing comes, which is known as Bounce Rate.

bounce rate

The term Bounce Rate can be defined as the number of visitors, visiting and leaving the website from the landing page itself. The blogs with very high percentage of Bounce rate is considered to be a very weak blog. While a blog with very low percentage of Bounce rate is known to be a blog with many visitors that go through the web page carefully. If you are having a large percentage of bounce rates and want to reduce it then here are the tips which would help you out in reducing the Bounce rate.

Decrease the loading time of your webpage

If your blog takes too much of time in loading the webpage then it is highly recommended to speed up the website as soon as possible. It is very necessary because there are about 70% of users who have slow internet connection and look for websites or blog which open very quickly. If your website takes time in loading then the user would get away from the first page of your blog or website and then this would cause increase in the bounce rate.

So in order to fix this problem the best way is to install Gzip on your blog to compress the files. Remove unnecessary image files that act as a design on your webpage or get it compressed. Another important step is to remove all unnecessary widgets like Website traffic locator or time or calendar widget. This is completely useless for bloggers.

Give life to your Content

Yes, that is very necessary part which is important for blog as well as increase in the bounce rate. Having a post with low content, incomplete information and poor grammar is not at all tolerable by the visitors so it is better to write complete, proper and up to mark articles in very simple and understanding words with proper illustration in order to give impression to visitors. Also to boost it by add images and videos in it.

Have a clean, easily navigable website

We understand that with content and domain a good web design is also necessary. But too much of web designing is not at all good or too much decoration even over the text making it difficult to read is also not at all tolerable because it not only increases loading time, but also cause huge increase in bounce rate because of difficulty that visitor faces in reading content.  In terms of navigation always have a search bar included on your blog if your blog has too many contents. Also never use slide down menu bars because it is quite difficult and always gets disturbed on touch devices.

Always make the link open on another tab

This is much necessary to note because if you have added any hyperlink to another website and is necessary part of the content then it is necessary to hyperlink in such a way that it opens the website in a new tab. This is necessary work because if the link gets on the same tab then it would cause increase in Bounce rate that too very effectively so you will have to make sure to add to it.

Always make your blog compatible to smartphones and tablet

Today’s generation is made up of smartphones and tablets and overall 75% of users  use tablets and smartphone to navigate through web so it is a must to have a supportive theme for smartphone and tablets so that user can access your website and read the content easily.

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