5 gadgets for people who like reading

If we are talking gadgets for reading then surely Amazons Kindle has to take position one to five without any contest. It has a massive screen but is not to troubling to hold. Its screen is bright with a great contrast. It allows room for plenty of whitespace on the screen so it is easier to use, and it is light enough to hold in your hands.

It is lighter than most books and you don’t even have to crease the pages. You are able to keep a library of hundreds of books and pick them one by one at will. If you are tired of reading your textbooks, you can buy the latest Dilbert book and have a giggle whilst waiting for your train (even if Dilbert is only a giggle once every 12 squares).

Not to undersell the idea, but the Kindle is the one and only gadget that you need if you like reading. Nevertheless, this article will cover five further gadgets for people who like reading. This article is not only good for yourself, but also great for buying stuff as a gift for other people who like reading.

A book

Let’s face it, if you or your friends like reading, then buy a book. It’s not much of a gadget, but is pretty good for those who like reading, in the same way that cars are great for people who like driving.

If you are going to splurge on a book, then buy your friend a bookmark too. Don’t be a cheapskate. There must be a bookmark out there that beeps if you whistle. They used to have them on key chains in the 80s.

A bookend

Gah, makes you want to fall asleep does it? but it doesn’t have to. There are hundreds of bookends that have miniature cameras in them. Not only will the bookend keep your reading friends books upright, they can also monitor people who wander into their room and steal their wallet whilst they are upstairs reading in the bath with their electric lamp balanced on the side of the bath because they didn’t read the book on common sense.

Soundproof earphones

They are fantastic for people who like to read. The best ones will cancel out exterior sound, even if there is no music playing. This means that a person can settle down and read during a riot without having to use earplugs. Most earphones will cancel out exterior noise if you play music. If you play something that is not too heavy or wordy then it is possible to read.

An e-Roll

Currently very hard to obtain the Eroll is a newspaper-esk device that rolls out like a roll of wallpaper. The difference is that it is quite a bit thicker. It is also a computer screen that shows text and images, just like a newspaper, except that you can read this in the dark. We may have to wait for this device as long as we have to wait for the Bio Robot Refrigerator, but it should be worth the wait.

The Help-Reader device

This is another one that is taking its sweet time coming on the market, even though the British designed it during the American-Russian cold war. It is a portable handheld scanner that coverts text into spoken word.

Obviously the tool was a lot bigger during the cold war, and was developed to read Russian in English, nevertheless we are finally seeing something similar entering the marketplace -even if it does only read English.

The biggest problems they have had with it is trying to teach the machine where to start and where to finish but this device works by having you scan the text you want reading out loud, and it does it as you move the scanner across the page. That way it reads whatever bit you like; it has no say in the matter.




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