5 Reasons Google Chrome is better than Mozilla Firefox

Chrome has developed rapidly in recent years. With useful extensions, colorful themes and plugins it has already bypassed Firefox in many browser tests. Aiming to be the best browser out in the market, Chrome is already as popular than Firefox today, and it is predicted that in the coming times chrome will be the mostly used browser of the world. But still there is a class of people who use firefox regularly, here is a review of how Chrome is better than the Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome Vs Firefox

Below are 5 reasons that make Chrome a better browser than Mozilla in our opinion.

1. Startup time:
Chrome starts faster. Difference in speed between Firefox and Chrome can be noted specially during the cold boot. Firefox is trying to catch up but at the moment Chrome spearheads all other browsers in less startup time to load.

2. Memory:

Chrome is sometimes called memory hungry, but an increase in extensions of a browser always increases the memory it spends on various process. As compared to Firefox, chrome utilizes less memory during the idle state while Firefox start hogging its memory.

3. Stability:

Chrome creates new process for every tab which makes each tab isolated from the rest of the processes. This ends up making Chrome more stable than Firefox which open new tab in same process.

4. Security:

Chrome utilizes a a unique “incognito” browsing mode that adds to the security of the browser, a new default feature that protects against phishing scams and advanced sandboxing to separate fishy processes.

5. Automatic Updates:

Chrome gets updated automatically as compared to Firefox which needs to be updated manually.

Firefox is relatively an old web browser but Chrome with its unique features is all set to replace it in the coming years

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