5 Reasons to Measure Social Media ROI

Let’s start by asking ourselves two questions, what is social media ROI and why should you use it to measure your business? Well, before you answer yourself those two questions, I will briefly mention what is social media ROI and why you should use it in your business.

Anytime you want to analyze where your business is heading, then you have to estimate the ROI of it. In full, ROI means return over investment.  The same term is used in social media advertisement campaigns. As you know, there are so many ways in which you can advertise your products and services online, but this is the best way for someone who wants growth on his online business. If at any time, you want to become a successful online marketer, or you want to run your online business successfully, then you should know every detail about social media ROI. Otherwise, if you do not know this term and you do not know how to analyze the ROI, then there are chances that you will not be successful.

Therefore, the five reasons why you should measure social media ROI are;

1. You will not be able to expand without ROI

As you know, there are many companies out there that have tremendous growth in such a way that they do not know what to do next. A good marketer does not jump into every social media network out there, but he uses the ones that are helpful to his business.

In other situations, marketers realize that they do need more content, and they are required to include it on his budget. However, remember that returns aren’t measured by the followers you have but the money you get.

2. It is critical to your success

As I had mentioned above, for you to be successful, you will need to know how to use ROI. I know that you are using a lot of energy, time and money to make your social media a success. However, even if you are doing so, you will need to know what is walking for you and what isn’t.

3. It shows all the details if your employees are delivering

Nobody can deny that in every business, management team or the business owner will always question if their employees efforts are delivering results. In the year 2011, the JIVE SOCIAL BUSINESS INDEX did a survey. The survey revealed that 27% of executives with budget control for social media believed that it is the top strategic priority. However, 47% felt that it is not a strategic priority. These statistics shows that majority understand that social media is important for businesses at some level, but there is some skepticism.

4. Social media is resource-intensive

Yeah, it is true. You have to have a budget in a social media. However, you have to admit that you need to use money to get more money. Some executive ask if they should include the employer salaries in his ROI, I would say it is worth the expense.

5. ROI is a necessary evil

ROI does not only paint a good picture of your organization, but it can also paint the other side of your organization. You can’t redefine ROI because it doesn’t suit your need, or it does not paint the picture you want. Know that if you do not measure the real returns on your efforts, someone is going to.

Hopefully this article has highlighted everything you need know.

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