5 Top Applications for your Google Chrome Browser

Well, Google Chrome which is world’s one of the Finest Web browsers which is mostly being ised now a days with its greater performance and reliability with nice User Interface it is soon becoming the world’s best web browser. So here we are back with another article which is now based on Google Chrome Applications as the web browser comes specially with those great applications that you can’t resist yourself using it.

So Here below I have mentioned some of the great Google Chrome Applications:

Offline Gmail

Offline Gmail is one of the great google chrome application that you can use to virtually access your mails right from your mobile with ease even when there is no internet access. Now you can have your entire mail being downloaded on your computer and you can use it as you can. Even this app allows you to compose to your friends and family without an internet connection. It is very much needed by those people who are very much attached to gmail for their important work but had stucked on their bad internet connection.

Plants Vs. Zombies:

This is also a yet another google chrome browser’s application which is actually a famous game for not only having fun and laughs but it is also useful for killing that time you spent on facebook all the time so better start off with this and have fun. Also you even don’t need to download this game application but you can simply play this game on your browser easily. So what are you waiting for, Go Grab Them!


Aviary is also an application for Google Chrome which is like a free Photoshop for your browser which is supercool app to edit your pictures very easily with all those great features of photoshop intact in this application which is very much easy to use and have no limitations for using it.

Write Space

Write Space is a yet another Google chrome application which is free to use and is mostly used by writers like us. This application is an alternative to those writers whi work on offline capabilities and so is being preferred by many writers all across the globe, you can google it for more of its reviews.


CryptoCat is yet last but useful application for Google Chrome Browser which is supported by Smartphones. It is a kinda a chat program for you to chat with your friends with ease. In this app every single person is given a unique code which is to be added to the chat program or tool to make it secure and fast. This is a cool way to privately send your secret messages to your friends over the GPRS without even downloading any kinda software or program on your computer.

Here are some of the best Google Chrome Applications that you must use it and don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

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