5 Top E Commerce Optimization Strategies to Increase your Sales

E Commerce Optimization Strategies do not radically deviate from those applied for non commerce sites. The challenge lies in sprucing up the site with quality content in a focused manner aimed at maximum visibility and least distraction to prospective visitors.

The optimization process essentially involves pouring thought over how to uniquely carve each web page out to facilitate easy reckoning of the content by search engines and getting backlinks from reputed sites with serious visitors. Successful execution of the aforesaid will lead to a boost in the search engine ranking with consequent rise in free traffic and sales.

Any e-commerce site will stack generic information about scores of products. The optimization kicks off with expansion of the basic product descriptions into creative, product relevant keywords embedded and informative content. Any description that is suffused with keywords without any logical connection will have to bear the wrath of search engines and the site may get banned from ranking permanently.

5 Top E Commerce Optimization Strategies to Increase your Sales

  1. The site should be constructed in a well defined hierarchical and uniform manner. Product categories ought to be promoted through the landing page whereas the subsequent pages should be well defined with a layout comprehensible to visitors and search engines. Each product page should bear a unique title. Similarity in product’s nature should not lead to generic titling of their promotion page.
  2. Distinctive keyword doing justice to the content promoted on the particular page should be creatively invented. This should be amply supported by a well thought out and intelligent commercial description for each web page. The description appears as a snippet in the result pages which the prospective buyer looks at before deciding to move into your site. The strategic framing of description with appropriate words will hold the attention of the potential visitor.
  3. A clear cut ‘Breadcrumb’ navigation module should be put in place which will ease out the movement of prospects through the alleys of your website. This comes out to be like: Home>Nutrition>Diet>Weight Loss Diet>Beyonce Knowles Master Diets. It also offers shortcut navigation to previous pages visited. All images should be optimized by having the Alt tags completed with pertinent keywords. Reading images is beyond the capability of search engines and Alt serves as alternative text for this purpose.
  4. E-commerce sites with their pages running to hundreds in number should essentially have a XML sitemap generated to aid search engine bots to effectively find and index them. Manual site submission should be done to SEO compatible directories. Careful form filling ease out the task of directory administrators and lead to early approval of backlinks to site.
  5. Gaining quality leads and backlinks in shortest possible time can be pulled off by submitting high quality articles with relevant content and title to social bookmarking sites and article directories. The URL of the articles should be submitted to ‘do follow bookmarking sites’. The services of a good analytical tool should be sought to study the behavioral trend of consumers and implement necessary modifications in the site.

Steadfast adherence to the aforementioned tips will bring about a rise in search engine ranking and jumpstart your e-commerce venture.

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