50+ Websites to Get Twitter Followers

Twitter is the no 9 largest website in World over the world according to Alexa Ranking and the best in its category.You may also be the user of it and fimiliar with followers and tweets.

More the no. of followers you have,more is your popularity.If you are webmaster then you already know the power of Twitter followers.To be rich in social media you must have a decent no. of followers nowadays.There are no. of websites over the internet which help you in getting twitter followers.I have also tried almost 100 of such kind of websites but only was satisfied with some of them.Here is the list of 50+ such websites.The list is made in no particular order and also include the paid services as well.

  1. Twiends.com (Best according to alexa ranking)
  2. Buytwitterfollowers.com(Paid service)
  3. getlikes.eu
  4. buysocialpower.com
  5. twitter1k.com
  6. refollow.com
  7. tweers.com
  8. buttwitterfollowers.org
  9. fanbullet.com
  10. guaranteedtwitterfollowers.com
  11. buysocialfollowers.com
  12. usocial.net
  13. twitterrockstar.com
  14. twitterfollowersdelux.com
  15. tweeterfollower.com
  16. buyrealtwitterfollowers.com
  17. twittertrafficbot.com
  18. etwitt.com
  19. twittends.com
  20. traffup.net
  21. socialwebpromotion.com
  22. getnewfans.com
  23. followfollowers.com
  24. twellow.com
  25. letusfollow.com
  26. twimates.com
  27. plusfollowe.info
  28. twittershuffle.com
  29. koaky.com
  30. easyretweet.com
  31. rapidtweets.com
  32. heygorgeouspr.com
  33. tweetattacks.com
  34. sproutsocial.com
  35. tweepi.com
  36. letgetmorefollowers.info
  37. fastautofollow.com
  38. tweetadder.com
  39. youfme.com
  40. hitfollow.info
  41. likesbay.com
  42. twitdom.com
  43. twitterdose.com
  44. tweetbig.com
  45. tweetwhistle.com
  46. hitslikeyou.com
  47. twitterwiz.com
  48. getinstantfollowers.com
  49. haveallfree.com
  50. my-crazylife.com
  51. youlikehits.com


And lot more are there on internet but all are useless.The best according to alexa ranking is Twiends.It really helps you in getting in twitter followers but there are two big limitations over there.

In twiends you get followers for only a short time and also you have to follow other people as well.I my self got 200 twiter followers but when i checked after a week the followers were only 37 in number.So no need to waste time on Twiends.

The best nowadays is Youlikehits and I am using it with great success.The followers are static followers and the big thing is that to avail points on Youlikehits you dont have only the option of following others but you can gain points by facebook like as well

So what are you waiting for create a new id in Facebook and integerate it  in Youlikehits account and get points by liking other pages and then use that points to get followers for you.This is the best working way to have a blast of followers in your Twitter account.



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