6 Most Avoidable things while interacting with Twitter Followers

Twitter is a micro blogging website that has gained too much popularity in the past some years and now it is on the no.9 according to Alexa rankings in the whole world. Millions of people use Twitter for their social communication purpose. Bloggers and Webmasters use the Twitter for their website promotion purposes. Twitter has always been one of the best promotion tool for every blogger.

If you use the Twitter properly, then you cannot find anything better than you. Business persons has achieved great success in selling their products via the Twitter. Many Blogger have also reported a tremendous amount of traffic coming from the Twitter.

But it is a very sad fact that not all the bloggers and Business persons are tasting the same success. There are some people who are selling thousands of products every day just be making use of the Twitter and on the there hand there are some business persons and Blogger, who are not getting even a single hit from the Twitter.

So what’s the thing that is creating a difference between a success full and unsuccessful twitter users, even if they have same number of followers as well.

Well, having a huge rush of followers is not the key point here. The key point is the behavior of those Twitter followers. Actually, there are several wrong ways which the bloggers and business promoters are implementing on the Twitter, which are sending all their efforts in the hell. There are several point that must be cared of before using the Twitter.

So what are the things that you must avoid off?? Well, there is not a single one, but thousands of mistakes that the business promoter have been doing from the long. I am going to post about some major things only. These things are very common  mistakes, that every blogger or business promoter do.

So here it the list of the things that you must Avoid to take full benefit of the Twitter and to have a better interaction with your followers.

1. Automatic Tweets

The most common mistake is of automatic tweeting. Many Twitter experts suggest that we must keep updating our Twitter profile with tweets. Well there is no doubt about this. But the sad thing is that the Bloggers are getting the wrong meaning of it. They are going for the Automatic tweets services. There are plenty of services that post tweets automatically on your behalf.

Yes, it keeps your Twitter updated with new tweets, but that’s not the right way that the Twitter experts suggest for.  Not any follower of you will like to see automatic tweets coming from you. They will surely un follow you, if you keep harassing them with robotic tweets.

2. Complicated UserName

The user name in the Twitter is your representative. You are not going to explain about your behavior and nature to all of your twitter followers. It it the Twitter username who will speak about you on your behalf. Some people add some aggressive words to their twitter usernames, which put them out of the race of Twitter use. The biggest mistake done by the business promoters is that they set their Twitter names on the names of their products and blogs. Such kind of foolish activity, tell the others that you are going to use Twitter gently, but you are going to use it for the business related purposes. No body will like to follow the business or website promoter on the good social networking or say micro blogging website.

3. Links in Tweets

Here is the another foolish and common part that the business persons and the bloggers play while using the Twitter. Most of bloggers apply links within their tweeets to increase their visitors.

Well, it do not have any good impacts, rather bad impacts are there. The first bad impact of posting links in the tweets is that, it makes your tweets to look like spam. Mostly the Twitter users do not show any interest in the tweets which contain links. The second impact is that by reading your links in your tweets, your followers came to know that you are using the Twitter only to increase your blog readership and products sale.

4. Private Messages

Along with the tweets, the option of sending the private messages to the followers and other Twitter users is also there. This service was started by the Twitter to provide better interaction and a better mode of communication between the users, but the Bloggers and Webmasters are totally wrong meaning of it .They usually use this feature to send the spam messages to their followers. The most common send by the bloggers and webmasters is “Thanks for Following me!!!! Have a look at my website”.

These type of foolish messages ensures your followers that you are just a marketer and nothing else. This is the biggest mistake done by the bloggers, because no one will like to find his/her message box filled with the spam messages and links from you.


So this was the list of top mistakes done by bloggers and Business promoters. Before using the Twitter, you must ensure one thing in mind that you are going to interact with real people on the other side. The other people on the Twitter are not for business related information. They are on the Twitter for the purpose of social attachment. They are just following you to get some good tweets from you and not the spam links and self promotion tweets.

Twitter is the best tool for promotion, but it is only best for those who know that how to use it perfectly. For other foolish Bloggers  and Business promoters, it do not have any benefit at all. As a business or website promoter you must avoid such kind of activities. After than only you can have better interaction with your Twitter Followers.

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