7 Awesome Tips to Make People Want to Join Your List

How can you make people want to join your list? Do you have any idea? If you have difficulty in converting your readers into subscribers, then you have to do some tweaking in your squeeze page. Of course, with these little tweaking, you’ll start seeing result almost immediately. Here are 7 awesome tips to make people want to join your list:

1. Let people know that you know your stuff

People want to follow experts in order to get accurate and trustful information regarding what they want to know. If you can show to people that you’re the expert in your niche, people will naturally want to follow you. Thus, they’ll subscribe.

2. Keep the squeeze page simple

The simplicity of your squeeze page will affect how many people that will join your mailing list. People prefer simple, clear, and inviting squeeze page. Also, simplicity will suggest expertise and professionalism. So, if you want to persuade people to join your mailing list, you have to keep your squeeze page simple, free of clutters.

3. Don’t fill your website with fluff

Your website is the place where you share information related to the topic of your expertise. This is where you will build your reputation. So, it’s very important for you. If your website contains clear, straightforward, and easy-to-understand information, people will trust your website more. Thus, they’ll trust your mailing list as well.

4. Make sure that the benefits are appealing

What benefits do you offer to your subscribers? No matter how many benefits you offer to them, if they are not appealing enough, they won’t join your list. So, focus on giving benefits that your readers will really need. Your readers don’t need something that they can find easily anywhere. They need specific benefits that they’ll find only in your mailing list.

5. Offer good giveaways for new subscribers

Don’t just offer one giveaway to your readers. You need to offer many good giveaways to keep your readers happy with your mailing list. Don’t give them useless stuffs. Give only things that they’ll appreciate. This is the way you persuade your readers to join your list.

6. Place your opt-in above the fold

You have to place your opt-in box in strategic place within your website. And make sure that it’s above the fold so that your readers can see your opt-in box without scrolling your website. This is an effective passive promotion strategy that will make your readers interested in your mailing list.

7. Include professional graphics in your squeeze page

Professional graphics that represent your mailing list will significantly help you to convert your website readers into subscribers. Plain squeeze page without any graphic won’t be appealing enough for your readers. Squeeze page with cheap-looking graphic will be regarded as shady. But, squeeze page with professional graphics will boost your reputation and it will make people want to join your list.

Those are 7 awesome tips that you can apply in your squeeze page if you want to attract people to your mailing list.

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