7 Top most social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking is considered to be the central backbone of the websites. These social bookmarking websites help the other websites to build relationships over the Internet. This is important for the websites because relationships can help in establishing a successful business online and offline – both. There are numerous social bookmarking websites that are found online. As a result, it can become quite a problem for you to decide as to which is the best bookmarking website for you.

Different social bookmarking websites

The top 20 social bookmarking websites are the likes of:

Twitter – Just as Facebook is the popular-most social networking website, Twitter is the popular-most social bookmarking website. According to reports, this bookmarking website has over 85 million users recorded in a single month. The best part about Twitter is that it lets you build huge mass following. Your followers in Twitter can again re-tweet about their likes and dislikes.

Digg – The next popular social bookmarking website is Digg. The links to your website on Digg provides you the option to count it as backlink. Backlinks are the most important part of the Google Algorithm. So, while using Digg, you are actually making sure that the articles you are using for the links is helping you in getting the backlinks.

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Technorati – Technorati ranks 8th in the Google page. It is considered to be the greatest blog dictionary. Almost all of the bloggers try their bets to list their website and articles in this social bookmarking website.
Reddit – The greatest advantage of this social bookmarking website is that it is easy to use and is very simple. According to reports, this bookmarking website has more than 1 billion page views in a month.

Delicious – Many experts say that the businesses should never forget using Delicious. This is one social bookmarking website that not only allows you to keep bookmarks online for greater accessibility but also allows you to check out what other people are bookmarking.

StumbleUpon – According to some reports, StumbleUpon has been able to surpass Facebook with regards to bringing more traffic to a website. As per the data, StumbleUpon accounts for 43% of the total U.S. traffic in comparison to that of Facebook’s 38%.

Clipmarks – Clipmarks is another bookmarking website that is said to provide advantage not only to the readers but also to the publishers of the articles. It helps in protecting the interests of the publishers.

Some of the other top social bookmarking websites are the likes of Yahoo! Buzz, BlogMarks, Fark, Netscape, Furl, Slashdot, Simpy, Apurl, MyBookmarks, Blinklist, ShoutWire, NewsVine, Mixx.

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