7 Useful Tools to Organize Photos With

Everyone keeps digital images in their computers. Whatever the kind of image it is, be it a drawing or a photo taken and uploaded online, everyone has saved at least one image from the Internet. It is also likely that they also keep their images in folders. As their image count grows, so does the need to organize them, and organizing images manually would be a nightmare to do. Fortunately, the Internet comes through with programs specially made to organizing photos. Here are 7 of these wonderful and useful programs you can use to make photo organizing easier.

Picasa by Google
The first on the list is Picasa, which is a popular photo organizing program made free by Google. It uses a facial recognition system to categorize photos based on who are in them. This makes it easy to sort through a large number of images at once. Picasa also goes through all your hard drives and places all your images in different indexes so that users won’t miss out on any of them. Once the images are indexed and tagged, you can use Picasa to easily edit and share your images from anywhere, including from your desktop to a user’s online album.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

 Windows Live Photo Gallery is a photo organizing program that comes packaged with Windows Live Essentials, making it a free to download tool. Microsoft’s aim with this program is to be like Google’s Picasa, making this program have similar features with Picasa. It also has really good editing features and allows you to share them online.

Ulead Photo Explorer

 Ulead Photo Explorer is a popular commercial tool to use for organizing photos on the computer. It can work in conjunction with digital cameras and scanners to take, sort, rate, tag and name all your photos. It installs itself as a localized application, and allows you to share images with different online image services and even email.

Corel Photo Album

Corel Photo Album is a full featured program that allows photo editing and organizing. This program comes with a selection of different tools that help sort, tag and name images. Sadly, Corel Photo Album’s supported formats are limited compared to most other photo organizing programs, but the features it has are nice to use, including the ability to put in borders, shadows and frames.

Photoshop Elements by Adobe
 Adobe’s popular and professional image editing program shares its name with this image organizing program. Photoshop Elements provides multiple tools for the user to use, like adding searchable keywords, and layouts for editing and organizing, making this program a cost-effective one to invest in.

SunlitGreen Photo Manager

 SunlitGreen Photo Manager is also a great program to use for your image organizing needs. It helps search your computer for images and photos that are deep within your database for a long time, allowing you to tag them and add keywords just as you sort them out.

ACDSee Photo Manager

 This last one on the list is a full-featured program that works as both a photo editor and organizer, coming with a management suite that makes sorting through years of photos easy and smooth. ACDSee Photo Manager can also allow the user to create other sorts of media, including slideshows, screen savers, flash videos, and even PDF files.



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