8 Most Useful Android Apps For College Students

Technology has occupied a prominent place in almost all sections of society ranging from students to working professionals. It makes a number of things easily accessible at the touch of some keys and button.

Android apps in Mobile phones and other gadgets provide some of the unique features which are of significant help for college grads. With easy to install and ready to use apps, students are finding it much easier to mange their daily schedule. They no longer have to rely on pen and paper to remember their timetables and lectures given during sessions. All these can be managed with the help of some exciting apps.

Some of the apps that are best suited to the needs of students are as follows:

Virt U

Virt U

Virt U is the best app for students who have missed their college lectures .This app provides a unique way to attend lectures varying from undergrads to post-grad courses.

This is particularly helpful for students at the time when exams are round the corner and travelling all the way to the university can be time consuming. The app provides a online community where users can share views and feedbacks .The content can be viewed offline.

Kindle for Android

Android Apps For College Students

Kindle for Android is an app which allows students to replace their heavy bag-packs with electronic versions of books. All the gadgets which support android apps support this feature. The app provides support for users to access e-books, check out new books, journals and periodicals.

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is an application that allows users to take photos of documents and convert them to PDF format for sharing them with friends and printing them for personal use. The pictures can be cropped, enlarged and saved in different other formats. The pictures can be also shared with limited number of people.

Cash4 Books Scan and Sell Books

Cash4 Books Scan and Sell Books apps is another useful application which allows college students to get instant price quotations from buyers . This way graduates and post graduates can exchange their books for good money, which they can use to buy books for next semester. The students if like the quotation for the book can get their money through Pay-pal or sign in via email.


Studious is one apps that all college students would love to use in their in Android devices. It coordinates everything from going to an auto silent mode during lectures to managing schedules and timetables. Studious allows users to save tests, homework and save text and notes. The app has excellent developer and bug fixing support and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Easy Voice Recorder

College students often find it difficult to write down each and everything that the teacher says in the classroom. Easy Voice Recorder is another application which allows recording the voice and video of the instructor and viewing that at a later time. The Easy Voice Recorder allows Mp4 files to be recorded using AAC.

Alarm Clock Extreme

If you thought that rising early to attend college was difficult, Alarm Clock Extreme is the app for you. It alarms you and the voice can be adjusted accordingly. It has features like random song alarm and a math algorithm can be setup by the user to avoid setting off the alarm. Alarm clock Extreme is available both as free and paid versions.

HandyCalc Calculator

It is one application which makes mathematical calculations easier to do and at the go of some buttons. This application has been declared as the best by some weblogs and few publications. It has built in functions to handle currency, unit and metric conversions. The application has options to display results in decimal or fraction mode. It offers graph plotting and solving.

So these are few of the apps that have made life easier for college grads. Hope the Android market comes up with a few more to help students in the coming future!

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