8 Tips to Boost Your Page Rank

If you are from the field of blogging, then you must be familiar with the benefit of page rank. Google ranks all the blogs on the no. scale from 1 to 10 according to the back links. So you must have quality back links to your blog. Not only back links but there are many factors who decide the page rank of y our blog. In this post I am going to write about the tips to boost your page rank.

1. Keywords in Meta Tags

Meta Tags are the tags which are invisible in the post, but are very necessary for any article. To get a good Google Page Rank, you must make the best use of the Meta Tags. You must focus on inserting the keywords of your article in the Meta Tags. Having keywords in the meta tag does not meant that you insert anything randomly in your post. You must keep in mind that the keywords that you are mentioning in your blog are relevant to the content. Ir relevant keywords are not beneficial. In Fact they can make your blog to get banned from the Google Search Results forever.

2. Write Great Content

The base of all the SEO is also the base of Page Rank as well and this is the Writing great content. Actually the content is the first thing that decide your blog quality. Most of the bloggers just copy and paste content from other blogs. Well, this is the most foolish part attempted by any blogger. Google catch such bloggers and then penalize their blogs. Just keep aware that you don’t come in such bloggers. Only self written high quality content can work for you and if you don’t look on the basic requirement, then all other SEO tactics are useless.

3. Links To Other Blogs

Not only getting links for your blog help you, but also the links given to other blogs can help in getting page rank for your blog. Actually, Google give the rankings to only those blogs, who are providing something useful to their readers. If you make links to other well reputed blogs, then you can hope for some boost in the page rank.

4. Links To Google

Well, Google is also a website looking for the traffic and links. So you should also focus in giving links to Google as well. This may be links to the Google’s services like Google Adwords, Adsense or any other service. This makes your website to be genuine and informative in the eyes of Google and then you can expect page rank boost. Actually the thing here is the helping Google and then getting some reward for that.

5. Get High Quality Backlinks

High quality backlinks to your blog, can help you in getting Google Page Rank. You can also make investment to buy the links to your blog. Commenting is the another good way to get some links to your blog, but the problem is that nowadays most of the blogs are no-follow.

6. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is the best way to get links from other links. You can insert your blog link anywhere in the content or at the end in the author Bio. This is the best ongoing method nowadays and many bloggers are using this method to make the links for their blogs. Many blog owners stay busy in writing good content for other bloggers. So yo should also take some time to write for others to get high quality backlink for your blog.

7. Forum Posting

Forum posting is also one of the best way to get link for your blog and to see some fast Page Rank update to your blog. You can find many open forums relevant to your niche in which you can post your links and can get benefit of it during the Page Rank Update.

8. Don’t Spam

This is something most bloggers are doing nowadays. They are just mad behind the links. They need links, either in the right way or with the black hat method. Not this one only, most of the bloggers are even doing the link exchange. Well, all these things may work but the results are not static. If you want to enjoy the High Page Rank for long, then you should forget any black hat method as the success has not any shortcut.

So this was the list of some tips regarding boosting the Page Rank of your blog. Page Rank speaks about the quality of the blog in the eyes of Google. So it is very important for every blog. By following some above mentioned tips, you can get high Page Rank for your blog for sure.

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Rajkumar Jonnala is full time SEO Consultant and blogger for chescadirect online fashion website which offers mother of the bride outfits, wedding outfits.


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