Adding A Background Image To Your Joomla! Articles

There are so many choices when adding a background image to your Joomla articles; it all depends on how you want to portray your websites image, what you want your customers to see as soon as the website becomes visible to them.  Whether it’s static imagery, solid colour or a slideshow, Joomla offers it to their clients.


The possibilities are endless for your background imagesfor a quick and easy background to get your website started use mmBackgroundFree. This background plug-in is free, easy to install and is compatible with internet explorer 6.0, Firefox 3.0+. Chrome 8 +, Safari 3.0 + and Opera 10 +. The images that mmBackgroundFree supports are JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF.

Page background options

Joomla offer fourteen options for page backgrounds, all of which are easy to install


  • bgMax: non-commercial module
  • HD-Background Selector: non-commercial module
  • mmBackground Free : non-commercial plug-in
  • Random background: non-commercial module
  • Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow: commercial plug-in
  • Fun Supersized; non-commercial module
  • Back Rotator: commercial module
  • Background Gallery Pro: commercial module
  • Background Styler: non-commercial module
  • Random Background by foobla: non-commercial module and plug-in
  • SW Tubular; commercial module and plug-in
  • Background gallery: commercial plug-in
  • 40 Parallax PRO: commercial  plug-in
  • 40 Backshow; commercial plug-in

 Choosing the background module best suited for your website

The page background options above offer such a huge array of options and effects that it can provide are astounding.  Whether it’s a picture of who you are, your logo, generalized wallpaper, an image is so important on a website, so the perfect background is a vital part of your ideal online identity.

As an example of adding a background image to your Joomla articles, mmBackground Free is a free classic, easy module to use and the steps you need to follow can be done in minutes. Numerous Joomla clients use this module and create their own uniqueness to their websites.


This is a quick and easy plug-in that you can download from which lets you to add and change your background without having to go through your CSS style sheets.  It is accessed through Joomla administrator, and it’s free.


  1. Steps to download mmBackgroundFree plug-in
  2. Go to Joomla website
  3. Log in
  4. Click on Extend tab
  5. Click on Extension directory
  6. In Categories click on Photo & Images
  7. Go to Style & Design
  8. Click on Page Background
  9. Here you are offered fourteen options; nine are modules and seven are applications; this includes two that are both a module and app.
  10. Choose mmBackgroundFree
  11. Install
  12. Enable
  13. Upload the image you want as your background to a folder in your image file via media manager or FTP
  14. Enter the path to folder and image to locate it from parameters.

Using mmBackgroundFree lets you also change opacity and background colors so that you can create a truly unique image. Background pages are fun to create and simple; so that you can keep changing your web design to portray any.



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