Android 4.0 tablet and 3 dual-sim phones Launched by Viewsonic

With the growing craze of the Android, every big or small manufacturer is looking to make Android based gadgets. The reason behind this is quite clear that, now people are crazy about the Android. Even nowadays the Android is preferred more than Apple iOS.

Android 4.0 tablet and 3 dual-sim phones Launched by Viewsonic

After Looking on the craze of people about the Android the Mobile World Congress 2012 is expected to be Android show only. It is expected to be an Android event of the year. All manufacturers are developing the Android gadgets and are going to show it in the MWC 2012. Not only the big fishes like Samsung, Asus, HTC but some small technology fishes are also going to show their power with the launch of the Android based handsets and tablets in the MWC 2012. The rumor is coming about the small manufacturer ViewSonic as well. It is rumored that Viewsonic is going to launch new Android 4.0 based tablet and 3 mobiles phone.

It  is rumored that the tablet from the ViewSonic will be named as Viewsonic ViewPad G70. The features of this gadget from the ViewSonic will include a dual core processor. The features will include the HDMI port, 4 GB internal storage and 1 GB of RAM. The tablet is expected to come up with the price tag of 350 $. The price is also good according to the features and will attract some customers as well, But it is also rumored that at the same time Asus is planning to launch its tablet with Tegra 3 processor, which will be priced at 250 $. If this happens than it will be very hard for Viewsonic ViewPad G70 to compete with Asus’s Android tablet.

Not only the tablet, but the View Sonic is planning to hit the smart phone field as well. It is rumored that along with the its Android tablet, the ViewSonic will also launch smart phones which are expected to be low end devices. But the main feature of these up coming smart phones from the View Sonic will be their dual Sim compatibility.

These three upcoming tablets are named as ViewPhone 4S, ViewPhone 4E, ViewPhone 5E. Lets have a basic look on them.

ViewPhone 4S

3.5-inch IPS 640 x 960 display and has 5 MP camera. The speed is good with 1 GHz processor. It has another camera as well which is of VGA quality. I don’t think with such features it will go long in the smart phones race. Actually, this device is blessed with the basic features only that are common to find nowadays in all the smart phones. But it is the best smart phone out of ViewSonic Selection.

ViewPhone 4E

This is another one so called “smart phone. This one is named as ViewPhone 4E and has 3.5-inch display. The other features include 5 MP camera and 650 MHz processor, which is again not a good one as far as the modern’s smartphones technology is concerned.

ViewPhone 5E

This one has 5-inch 480x800p display. The rumor information about this smart phone is that it will be blesses with 650 MHz processor as well.

Summary: So no one is going to shock with any kind of extra or unique feature. As you can see all the features are such features, that can be found easily in the Android smart phone. These smart phones from the View Sonic are not as much good and not as much bad as well. The dual Sim is the only good feature but we have seen that it does not have any benefit so far. I think the company is targeting the travelers, with the dual Sim feature. All the information is not declared officially. We all will have to look on it in the MWC 2012.


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