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The Google Android market offers the possibility for independent users to create and sell their own applications, which is great for people that have imagination and technical skills. However, you don’t need to be an IT engineer or a software developer to create such programs. The new development tools that you can have are perfect for this matter, being great even for beginners.

The main tool used to create Android apps is an SDK (the Software Development Kit). With the help of this program, you can create interesting applications without a huge effort.

The Java Development Kit is another tool that must not miss from your list with applications. The platform developed by Oracle works on 3 billion computers, so it is also great for developing applications for mobile terminals.

If you want to create Android apps, you should know that Java Runtime Environment is not enough. It is important to use the JDK version, which is a console made especially for Android alls designers. The good news is that this program is compatible with any kind of computer or mobile terminal.

When you install Java for developers, make sure to check the boxes Development Tools, Source Code and Public JRE, as these are required. Configure the Java compiler to work through Command Prompt, as you will need to use this feature often.

The Integrated Development Environment is used by experienced code writers, but it is also perfect for beginners. You can find several programs of this kind, but you should go for a free software such as the Eclipse, which is offered in the Google Market. Let’s see what kind of applications you can develop using those platforms, and how.


Although you might find it hard to create games, you should know that, for the Android Market, this is the simplest thing to do. The Android development kits come with scripts and codes for any type of creation. Therefore, if you want to make an off-road racing game, you will have the possibility to design cars, to customize those, to create standings and circuits, and even weather conditions. You can even integrate those in a single platform, and once you have the game finished, you can verify it with the debugger.

 Utilitarian applications

If you want to create an alarm clock that accepts mp3 files, or a utility program that would save the battery of Android Smartphones, you should know that those applications are also easy to make. The principle is the same as the one used to develop games, as all the scripts and programs needed for this are present in the development kit.

It is true that the paid applications for development are better, but at the beginning, a free application of this kind is more than enough to test your skills. Once you are familiar with the respective program, and if you have a few successful applications live in the market, you can think about buying such a program that offers increased capacities of developing, new scripts and advanced options.



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