Top 3 Android Apps For Students

Android, the best mobile operating system has got amazing apps for everyone. These apps make it perfect entertainer, gaming device and business assistant as well. Android has got apps for students as well. These apps can make your Android gadget as your virtual teacher which will be always in your pocket. Let’s have a look at the best Android apps for students.

1. Wikidroid For Wikipedia

Internet is the best source of free knowledge. Wikipedia is the website which give this honor to internet. Wikipedia has got help articles for every class’s students. It does not matter whether you are in primary school or in college, Wikipedia is ready to help you in your studies. Opening the site again and again in your Android makes it bit irritating task. Wikidroid is the app which gives you fast access to Wikipedia on your Android. This is must have app for every student.

2. Evernote


As a student, you may need to note down some important notes. You can do this with your Android by using Evernote. Evernote makes your Android as virtual notepad, a notepad which don’t require any pen, but use our fingers as pen.

3. Grammar Guide

If you want to make your career in any field, then English skills must be good. Grammar mistakes is the most common problem in all the students. You can use this awesome app on your Android to improve your grammar skills. This app points out your mistakes so that you can improve them. For all the students having tight hand in English, this is the app made for you.

Well, there are lots more apps for the same, but the above mentioned are the best. If you have any other app name in your mind, then spread the world by dropping your comments in the comments below.

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