Android versus iPhone–The technology war

Who is the real winner?

Though, both tries to surpass each other, none have been able to actually win over the other. Both are trying their best to reach out to more and more customers. However, both of these are at the top in the mobile technology market because both of these offer numerous beneficial applications. These are also adding more and more number of applications with the days passing by.

However, according to reports, in some cases, Android surpasses the iPhone. The platform that Android offers is an open one where you can also have the option to customize the applications as per your needs. That sounds awesome…isn’t it? According to most, Goggle works hard on maintain the quality. Reports say that Google is so specific and stringent about what it is going to release in the market that it gets into collaboration with the hardware maker. If the hardware maker is not able to live up to the expectations and standard of Google’s specification, Google rejects their right to provide the users with the access to the Android application market.

Android versus iPhone

Another great advantage of the Android technology is that, as it is an open platform, it is easily available for the different hardware makers and the software developers with ease (at the same time).

Moreover, it has also been seen that the Android phones are the ones that were the first to get the 4G network which has that extra speed. In addition, Android enabled pines were also the first ones to get the 1GHz processors along with the cameras at the front of the cell phone at the same time. Along with these, there are also the advantages of the memory card slots and the HDMI jacks.

On the other hand, none of the iPhones have been able to use the 4G technology before the Android enabled cell phones. There are only some select iPhones that have cameras at the front; the ones with which Apple have been able to be sure that these cameras are really going to work with experience. Apple does not take any high risks which Android does.

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