Apple TV Decided to Welcome Exciting Apps for More Fun and Entertainment

Apple is now working to open up their platform of their Apple TV to their third party applications. Apple is now giving people the first glimpses of the Mac OS X 10.9, iOS 7, new versions of MacBooks and their music service via the “iRadio”. However, there are some issues affecting the significance of those things. Rethinking that the Apple TV can easily give out the whole new idea at Apple in which the technology-savvy people have been looking forward to, it has the potential of restoring quite a few mystery to the juggernaut of the Cupertino.

It seemed to be inevitable that the vast array of app titles of Apple would easily pop up on the TV, right from the moment that Apple redesigned the device into a tiny puck, which easily ran different iOS operating system for mobile being used on both the iPad and the iPhone. This thing has happened last September 2010 and people are still waiting.

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In all fairness, there are positive reasons in which Apple might have chosen not to open the Apple TV to the apps ecosystem. Convincing all of the developers to design a good user interface and create a wonderful experience for the third device is definitely not a simple task. It would even seem like the TV of Apple is the best seller. The company has even sold out about 13 million devices right from its 2007 debut.

However, for Apple, this is just the right time for them to flip the switch of their app store. The sales have been accelerating and half of the Apple TV has been also sold for about 12 months. This was announced by the Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Moreover, the Apple TVs last two versions have arrived for about one and a half year from one another. These days, it’s been a year and a half since its latest update. For more details on HD media players go online today.

Moreover, the hardware is far more capable of handling apps, since every generation of the Apple TV is reflecting the counterpart of the iPhone when it comes to the power of processor. Apple is featuring small number of third party apps and it includes Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and some sort of sports app. It would even seem like Apple is only waiting for the perfect timing in opening their floodgates. However, if Apple considers waiting too long, it will surely run the risk of yielding the ground to its competition. The streaming boxes of Roku also continue improving. Microsoft is even transforming the Xbox into an all-purpose kind of thing, a device for the home entertainment and then Google remains of lurking into the shadows with their platform about Google TV.

There have been new companies that are popping up every day and they are all promising to change what the television has been. The app ecosystem on the Apple TV could surely become the killer of the competition. Apple could even open itself up to the untapped base of the user, which might not really into shelling out hundreds of dollars for the iPads or iPhones, but would be willing to pay a hundred dollars and dip their toes into an area with water.

Games could be one of the biggest potentials. You may have seen how the games from iPhone would look like on the television. This might include the Real Racing 2, which could actually stream from one iPhone to the user of Apple TV. Keep in mind that the technology is far from promising. Apple would have to develop the controller of video games for Apple TV, yet there has been some sort of rumblings to work on.

Opening apps on Apple TV might serve to be the testing ground for the “iTV”, which is a do-it-all kind of television. The Apple TV, which is enabled by App, would give the engineers and other third-party developer’s time in order to know what would work and what’s not in your living room prior the device arrives.

What’s more, with the competition which has been trying to plant the flag, getting Apple TV to the developers could surely serve as a nice reminder for the consumers in which Apple is totally serious about when it comes to the living room. It could even convince people that Apple TV is all worth the money.

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