HP EliteBook Revolve – The New Business Class Laptop from HP

Swiveling, revolving and spinning – and we are not talking about your favorite swivel chair here. We are talking about EliteBook Revolve, a business class laptop, from the stables of HP. HP hasn’t always been on the forefront of producing touchscreen notebooks, but after the CES 2013 event that notion seems to have changed. HP, […]

Global Apple – HTC Patent Dispute: Settled

First it was Samsung, but HTC went on to sign an agreement. Yes, we are talking about the disputes with Apple. Back in 2010, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing over twenty iPhone patents. Apple sought out an injunction that would be permanent and stop HTC from selling and importing phones. Apple did […]

Wi-Fi: Providing Wireless Internet Access

In recent times, you’d be hard pressed to find any public place without a wireless internet connection. Libraries, airports, cafes and hotels all have their own wireless network that people are welcome to use. Wi-Fi is also gaining immense popularity as a home internet network. In fact it is expected that wireless networks are going […]

How to Efficiently Handle Negative Blog Comments

A blog: A forum where posts have an equal and also an adverse reaction! This definition may appear facetious but on closer examination is nigh on genuine. Indeed, the exponential proliferation of blogs coupled with the anonymity afforded by the World Wide Web has prompted several people to vent their frustration, vitriol, and anger liberally. […]