Basic Benefits of Adding Visual Images in Blogs

As visual images help in understanding the contents better and make your blog more attractive and colorful that invites more readers. It is good and beneficial for the blogger to add images related blog contents as usage of images without meaning is also of no use.

Attraction for readers

Addition of images provides some colors to blog. Particularly with black and white background, it actually requires certain color to make a better look. Always use to place very perky, eye catchy pictures, to grasp people’s consideration, and put it to the blogs.


Searching blogs is important for the bloggers. Visual images are quite helpful in navigating the blog. While searching people move across the blogs with pictures and the visual images make them remember those colorful blogs and site too. It really seems senseless, but they can see the photographs and understand what blog they are on. This aids people in finding a particular article, to catch it, as different to just bouncing the site all together.

Visual images are also helpful as a navigation device inside the definite blog. While reading a blog post, particularly when it is a large one like huge block of transcript, it is so obvious to lose the reading lines in text. In just looking up and down for a single second one can easily be unable to find the lines one was reading. But with an image in the blog post, the reader subconsciously connects with the reading lines, in relation to the image. This gives reader a capability to look outside from the display and without problems catch where the reader is.

 Inspiration for first time visitors

When people visit a website for the first time, they intuitively just scan the web at once. If the web contains some truly stimulating images, this will make reasons for the people to see it again. This is also supportive for visitors from societal media web sites. Every picture helps the blogger as it retains people on the site for longer time, and hopefully will be convincing enough to make people to read the blog.

 Develop Sense of Individuality

Visual images aid customization of posts. People psychologically start to associate the posts, with definite images. They will reminisce which post had the beauty tips, which had some celebrity, and which had some bio related things. So when people need to catch definite things, they will distinguish right where to see on the page.

 Covers Written Space

Visual images cover the text space. This is a very authentic and genuine way to help release blog writing pressure. A few images in blog post, can create a 600 term article, seems like a 1000 plus word blog. Nobody desires to go through 1000+ words, but everyone desires to think that they only have read one. A good blogger must know the tactics to give details in 600 to 1000 words easily, but with the added images, it provides the suggestion of much more investigated and intelligent considering blogs.



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