Benefits of Using OLX App download for Posting Classified Ads


There was a time when you needed to post a classified ad in a local newspaper in order to sell your car. The Internet changed the way everyone advertised whether it is about selling, buying, or seeking or providing services. OLX has been at the front end of the online classifieds revolution, providing a free platform for everyone to buy or sell any products or services. The online classifieds site has taken its service to the next higher level by providing its unique OLX App download.


If you thought posting an ad on OLX took a little time, the OLX App makes things easier and faster for you. If you have anything to sell, just click on the photo of the product on your smartphone, type in a few words describing the product and its features, mention the expected price and your contact details and post it. Its as simple as that and everything is for free – ranging from downloading of the app to posting that ad.


A classified ad is only as good as the number of people it can reach. The OLX app makes it easier to reach more audience by giving you a single-click feature to share on any of your favorite social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, or even on WhatsApp.

The maps integration feature within the app makes it possible to present the location of the ad. When you post your ad, the location will be automatically updated.


Besides the convenience factor, the download OLX for iOS app gives you the benefit of making it possible to post and manage buy/sell ads on the go. You can post an ad anytime – whether you are at office, home, on a business trip or on holiday. Capture a photo of the product and enter a few words and your ad is ready to be posted.


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