Best Android-Based Smart TVs Launched by Lenovo

The android based smart TV from Lenovo is really smart. The television is exceptional in make and it even has the capacity to deliver the finest of the features. The Chinese technology company is really doing a smart thing by bring this television among the public. Lenovo has by now dealt with computers and thus it holds more in its bag. This Android television is just the beginning to prove the efficacy level of Lenovo. The technicality makes use of a stage to climb high and it is indeed a master in the making of world class android televisions.

Androidn Based Smart TV

More about the TV

This one is really ruling the stage and it has all qualities to be claimed as the best one in the collection. It has revealed itself in four specific models and the brand name holds more to make you feel so special and delighted. Lenovo rocks and this is best revealed by the Android TV collections.  These are all led televisions and all of them are absolutely 3D capable. On top of everything the TVs are Wi-Fi enabled and thus you can even make them work as computers. The televisions generally come with big screen. They are simply great.

Again this Android television from Lenovo comes with a perfect app store. On demand you can easily make use of video applications. There are even options for proper controlling. With the help of this feature you can easily control things aptly. Apart from the several remote control applications you can also make use of voice recognition features. Thus, just when you hear the voice you can easily say with whom you are speaking. On the screen you can play different games and in this way you can really keep yourself entertained. This is the most versatile technical application you may have witnessed these days.

To better equip the televisions they are being provided with 1.5GHz dual-core processor. With complete LED panel and high HD resolution the television can really set example for others. This Android TV has a fabulous 240Hz screen. This makes viewing so special and hassle free. The pictures are clear and you can view everything with perfection. Worldwide the TVs are making a mark. Their excellence in the field is incomparable. Lenovo till now was famous for other things. Now it has slightly changed its genre. Lenovo now is trying to prove itself as the technical master and its android TV invention is too good an attempt to be appreciated.

True Things about the Android Based Smart TV

  • It has 3D capabilities
  • It has a big screen of 42 to 55 inches
  • The device supports Wi-Fi connection
  • Has a LED panel and is well equipped with HD resolutio
  • It comes with remote control gaming options
  • It also has a pre-installed application store where you can simply demand for videos
  • Gone are the days of only Lenovo laptops and desktops. They are making a mark elsewhere and here lies the relevance of Android based smart TV from Lenovo.

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