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Social Media Networks are a great way for businesses, brands, websites, blogs, and all sorts of other organizations and enterprises to market themselves and their products. Facebook is the largest of all of the social sites, and this makes it one of the best marketing platforms around.


Facebook is a great marketing tool, or, it can be. If you don’t know how to utilize Facebook for marketing properly, you may not see any actual benefit. While not exhaustive, the following are just a few Facebook marketing tips that can help you to promote whatever it is that you are selling.

Get on Facebook

You can’t market yourself on your network unless you have a profile on the site. You should have one for your business or brand or product, and you should also have one for yourself too.

Link to everything

Post links to any new site content or updates and any blog posts on these sites. Not only will this create content to keep fans interested, it can direct your friends and family from your personal page over to your business, potentially converting them to customers. These links can help to grow organic traffic to your webpages, and they can also give you a bit of an SEO boost with all of these links.

Put up an ad or sponsored post

Ads and sponsored stories can help you to spread the word about whatever it is you do. These aren’t free, unless you have credit, but they let you reach more people. With ads you can target a very specific demographic beyond what you can reach out to on other advertising platforms. With sponsored stories, they are essentially ads, but they only display to people who have friends that like your page or one of your posts; this builds credibility and people like because their friends did.

Stick with the soft sell

Social media thrives on the soft sell. If you sell, sell, sell, your fans will quickly get bored. People want to learn about new brands and products as if they are hearing about it from a friend.

Get off message

You don’t want to get oo far off message, but you want to post something every now and again that isn’t directly related to your company, website, or products. Post links to things that your ideal customer would be interested in or information on complimentary products or services. If you can transform you brand or products into a “lifestyle,” you can do well on Facebook and other social sites.

Work it! Just being on Facebook isn’t enough, and simply posting to Facebook isn’t enough either! You really need to work this network. This means you need to respond to those who comment on your posts or leave posts on your Timeline. You also may need to go out and “Like” other pages that are related but not completion. Use the page as if you weren’t a business, but, gasp, an actual person. This will not only help you to connect with existing customers or clients, but it will help you to reach out to new folks who will want to business with you.

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