Best SmartPhone’s Apps for Streaming On-Demand Videos

From past some time, the smart phones have achieved a tremendous success. People are getting mad behind the smart phones and tablets like iPad. The smart phones and tablets are rich in the multimedia features and it has always been awesome to watch the on-demand videos on the smart phones or tablets. These gadgets are very rich in features already and are able to provide the rich video streaming experience. There are plenty of apps for the smart phones, which can further enhance the video capabilities of the smart phones. But after looking on the huge rush of such apps, one may get confused which is the best app for them and for which they should opt for the best video streaming experience on their smart phones. Also the taste of all the users are not same and thus a particular app which may be best for one, may not be good for the other. So I decided to create this post, in which I am going to write a list of top apps for on demand video streaming on the smart phones.

So let’s have a look a some top and best apps for on demand videos streaming on the smart phones.

1. NetFlix

If you have ever used the Apple’s iPad, then you must be familiar with this great app. This app is the best on demand video streaming app for the iPad, without any doubt. The app has been found very popular and helpful among the users of the iPad. The best feature of this app is the content loading feature. There are lots of apps, which load large amount of unnecessary content, so if you have limited data connection, then such apps may bother you. But you need not have to worry about this by using the NetFlix video streaming app. This app is a paid app and you have to make investment to use its services. But if we look on the services that we get with this on demand video streaming app for the smart phones, then this cost appears to be nothing. In the past some time, this app has passed through a number of ups and downs, but still this app leads this list.


2 Hulu Plus

This is another good app which has got many good features in it.. The app is big competitor of Netflix. Even some users prefer this app over the NetFlix. The best feature of this cool app, is the TV watching. This feature is also there in the NetFlix app as well, but the problem is that in the NetFlix app, the TV episodes you see, is from the past sessions. But as the Hulu Plus has contract with major channel networks, so it gives you brand new episodes of your favorite TV shows. So this app is very good for those who are addicted to TV. With lots of good features and good users reviews, this app is on the no.2 in this list.

3. Crackle

If you are like me, who wants to enjoy each and every feature of the best quality and do not want to make any investment from the pocket, then this app is for you. The best feature of this om demand video streaming app for the smart phones is that it is free to use. You need not to pay anything to use its feature. This app gives you access to all the videos and the latest shows and that also free of cost. No doubt, in this app you need to deal with the poor quality of the videos, but this is not any problem at all, because the video quality is not too bad, but is decent to watch. This app is the best free alternate to NetFlix and Hulu Plus and you can be sure of lots of fun and entertainment on your smart phone, with this app.

4. iTunes Movie Trailers

Here at the no.4, there is some one from the well known brand. This one is iTunes Movie Trailers app and it is from the Apple it self. This app do not give you to access to watch full movies or TV shows, but only the trailers. This app is an awesome app for those, who just want to enjoy the trailers of the latest movies going in the cinemas, nearby them. This app allows to enjoy the trailers of the movies and the quality of the trailers, is very high. In Fact this app allows you to enjoy HD trailers on your smart phones. The user interface of this app is very simple, which makes this app a simple app with lot of features.

5, Vevo HD

The on demand video streaming does not include only the movies or TV shows. The big part of it is covered by the music videos. There are millions of people, who love to enjoy on demand video streaming of their favorite music videos on their smart phones. This app satisfies their needs. This app has a great video database having almost 50,000 music videos and covering the 11,000 artists. The new videos are daily updated in their database and you can find your favorite music star’s videos there as well. Not only the music videos, but you can find the live performances and interviews of your favorite stars as well. This unique concept of this app, makes it to stand on the no.5 in this top apps list.

6. TED 

If you are a student, then this app is surely going to please you. This app allows you to use your smart phone as your tutor. This app has got many rich features and lots of education related videos. You can find the videos for you easily, in their simple user interface. The other good feature of this app is that, you can talk with the experts through this app. You can even have a talk with the other students and thus you can  solve your educations problems by helping each other.

7. Frequency

As you know there are hundreds of video sharing sites now, having billions of vidoes in their data base, But sometimes there is a video that is on the other site and we search for it on some other site. So in such cases this app can help you. This app has a very good feature that it loads the videos from all the sources like Youtube, Metacafe and many more. So whenever we  search for any video in this app, then this app search for that particular video in all the major video sharing sites, and chances that we will find the video, increases. There are thousands of such apps for the smart phone, but this one is probably the best. The simple user interface and high quality videos are the factors, which make it best and also to stand on the no.7 in this top apps list.

So this was the list of top apps for on demand video streaming for the smart phones. This list is based on the user reviews and downloads. If you know any other app, which is also good, but we did not include in this list, then please do let us know it by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.  Also if you like the post, then please share it with your friends and spread the world about it.

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