Best Tools to Download Flash Videos From Any Website

There are number of video sites there which are providing online streaming of videos and a huge storage of billions of videos.None of the video sharing sites allow or have the option to download videos.But there are no. of tools which you can use to download videos from all those sites. is best video sharing sites and most of users know how to download videos from it.A big no. of softwares and plugins are there to download videos from youtube.But it must be remember that online videos do not mean Youtube only.There are no. of other good video websites as well in which we can find the videos,that we can’t get on Youtube.

Using only Youtube downloaders is not going to give you access to all the videos you want.So you should have the knowledge of the tools for all the websites.


 It is the best tool both online and offline.Means you need not to download any plugin or software.To use this service you just need to go to the website and to just put the link of the video you want to download.Rest will be done by keepvid and you will be provided with link to download video.By making use of keepvid you are able to download videos from major video sharing websites like Dailymotion,Youtube,Metacafe,Xhamster.

They provide the software as well but no need to download as we have the access to all the features online.

2. Flashgot

It is a plugin for Mozilla and has all the features.It helps you to download videos from all the websites but only limited for Mozilla users.

3. Flash Video Downloader 

Again a plugin allowing you to download videos from almost all the flash videos.With this you can even download videos from any webpage.So you can now have Facebook videos in your hard disk as well.The best plugin and also no limitation is there as it is available for all the browsers like Mozilla,Chrome,Opera,Internet Explorer.

So what to use and how?

You should use Flash Video  Downloader (FVD) to download videos as it is available for all the browsers.

 How to use?

Using FVD is damn easy.All you need to do is to download the plugin either from chrome store(in case you are chrome user) or other store depending upon which browser you are using.Actually the best place to download the great plugin is their official website .Just go to the website and download the plugin and install it.

After installing it you will see the option to download video,anytime there is video on the webpage.


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