Blogging advice from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki, the co-founder of and partner in Garage Technology Ventures, is an online personality and business man, with a lot of experience, that inspires and explains how business and the online world work.

If you try to look at your blog as a business you’ll be able to apply his advices on myths about running a business.

Here are seven things that you can implement into your blogging strategy to make it successful.

Don’t be afraid of more capable people then yourself

Your team needs more efficient people than yourself. Accept the fact that you can’t master every field and hire expert people to do the things you don’t know. You will only benefit from this situation.

If you’re thinking long term this will help you create a superior team that can face any problems and also conceive some great strategies for your blog to succeed. Work on your team not only on yourself.

Stay away from blogging experts

You are the only person who will completely understand your blog, brand or website. The so called blogging experts can only share their experiences from their point of view. Problems are different and solutions are as well.

Stay away from gurus or experts; take only advices from them don’t look for answers. Find your own answers and apply them accordingly.

Don’t rely on your readers

Your readers can’t tell you what they are looking for. You need to figure this out. Try searching among comments or Facebook groups.

Also focus on fresh content, spice it up by adapting to your reader’s needs. This way you blog will get the attention you desire.

Don’t forget about the appearance

Don’t forget that a book is judged by its cover, so don’t ignore the design of your blog. It’s not enough to rely on good content and a normal theme. This is not the right path. Get a custom logo and choose a nice typography. That’s how the magic happens. Deliver your content nicely wrapped.

Value and price are not the same

Don’t confuse these terms, they are not the same. Value is more than price. If you think of making an investment that will help you add value to your blog do it. This is the profitable way. Don’t even think about it.

Take responsibility

You can’t run away from responsibility, be it good or bad. Believe in your team and get them motivated to take your blog to the next level.

Don’t doubt your blog. Believe it will be great, take the responsibility and the lead, and your team will follow. Don’t forget that you’re not an ordinary employee you are a leader.

Your brand is the best

You are the only one that can raise your blog to the top. You have the power of imagination to make it big. Even if you need help from other people you are the indispensable element of the scheme.

Believe and trust your reasons and believe in what you created.


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