Cash Back When You Buy a Contract Phone

Mobile phone retailers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to incentivise consumers into buying their products. Marketing schemes have included celebrity endorsement, new colour version of particular models, and even mobile phones with free gifts. One of the more popular means of rewarding a customer for signing up for a contract phone is to offer them cash back – usually this means that when you buy a phone, you will be told that after a certain amount of time you will be able to claim a cash sum back from the seller, sometimes in one lump sum, sometimes in several smaller installments. However, in the past this has usually consisted of filling in complicated redemption forms, phoning a costly call line or even having to remember a specific date. If you miss the small window of opportunity, you may be refused the cash back that you were promised. Basically, some retailers make it as hard as possible for you to claim your money, ensuring that they profit and you lose out.


But that’s not the case at Phones 4U! They have recently introduced a new and simple way for their cash back customers to ensure that they get every last penny of the money they are owed, all in one quick and easy payment. This is known as AutoCashback, and you can tell which phones offer it on their website by keeping your eyes peeled for the pink AutoCashback logo in the middle of the phone image. On phones with AutoCashback, 42 days after your contract begins Phones 4U will automatically send you a cheque with the correct value, which you can cash instantly. With AutoCashback offers of up to £350, this really is an offer not to be missed.

The Phones 4U website also offers a variety of mobile phones with free gifts, including games consoles, digital cameras, and tablet PCs. So keep your eyes peeled for these deals too which are always being updated.


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