How To Root Micromax Canvas HD A116 Safely

Root Micromax A116 Just follow this guide to root Micromax Canvas HD A116 mobile phone easily. There are many methods to do it but I have presented the two simplest ones to do so. You do not need to be a geek to do so. Mcromax Canvas HD A116 is one of the most popular […]

What’s New in Android Version 4.4 KitKat?

Even though the latest version of Android, i.e., KitKat doesn’t consist of large number of feature changes, yet it has become one of the most popular Android updates till date. Google has introduced KitKat with an aim to get its latest version on all the Android devices across the market. The developers have taken a […]

Top Android boating games

Boating games are becoming more and more popular on the Android at the moment, so here are a few you should try. Most of them may be downloaded for free, and all of them are becoming more and more popular. Turbo River Racing You can find this free game in the Google Play store. It […]

Top 5 Password Managers for Android

Everyone who has an email account, accounts on social networking sites, bank accounts, who is an active member of the forums and keeps a cloud storage worry about the security of these accounts as they do not want their personal data to be accessed or hacked by anyone. So, what is the solution? Log in […]

Free Android Apps for Customization

Google’s Android smartphone stands out among others thanks to its customization possibilities. You may do almost anything you want to your screen, apps icons, lock system, etc. It is one of the features that makes Android different from all other mobile operation systems iOS and Blackberry in particular) that don’t allow so much to change. […]

How to Block Numbers from Texting on Android Phones

Android phones provide a wide assortment of functions to the android users. These include services which are beyond the mainstream function of making and receiving calls and those of sending and receiving text messages. The range of functions that can be achieved even grows as more and more apps are developed for use on android. […]

Best Android Karbonn S1 Titanium Phone

With the launch of the Micromax Canvas HD, quad-core processors have started gearing up the mobile market as lot of mobile-making companies are introducing quad-core processors on lower budget smart phones. The Karbonn S1 Titanium is one such phone. Since it has a 4.5 inch screen, you cannot call it a phablet. Even though, this […]

Top 5 Android Video Editing Apps of 2013

Things fly by in an instant: you watch your child be born, take their first steps, settle down into nursery, move on to their first real school and before you know it they’re graduating from university. These are all really important steps in a person’s life, and even if you don’t think so at the […]

Android Apps Development | How you can learn fast

The Google Android market offers the possibility for independent users to create and sell their own applications, which is great for people that have imagination and technical skills. However, you don’t need to be an IT engineer or a software developer to create such programs. The new development tools that you can have are perfect […]

5 Top Android Christmas Apps for Christmas 2012

Android is one of the most popular processing platforms in the world today. This is the reason why the Android market is always coming up with new application for android users to bring variety and information to their smartphones and tablets. This Christmas season, the android market has again been successful in offering hoards of […]