Apple TV Decided to Welcome Exciting Apps for More Fun and Entertainment

Apple is now working to open up their platform of their Apple TV to their third party applications. Apple is now giving people the first glimpses of the Mac OS X 10.9, iOS 7, new versions of MacBooks and their music service via the “iRadio”. However, there are some issues affecting the significance of those […]

What’s in the New iOS 7

The apple is working constantly to improve their operating system that is known as iOS there are some factors that are taken to consideration when they decide to improve their system. If you wan to have a better understanding their systems then you have to know how they improve their system. Interface that is Easy […]

Comparison between iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S

The Apple has brought about many different kinds of operating system in the world of technologies. They are mostly famous for their iOS and the amazing iPhone. They have already published several versions of this mobile phone. All of them were more amazing than the previous versions. Each one of them had new technologies embedded […]

Tips for using the iPad

Sales of the iPad seem to be rising all the time, with shops in countries such as the UK, America and Australia selling out of the iPad 2 almost as soon as it became available for purchase. Nevertheless, if you want D-TechzD-Techz is an admin at techybloggerz and a part time blogger who love technology

Are Sixteen Eyes Better than One?

The Nokia Lumia phones of the future may well be able to help answer that question.  Nokia could be using the Pelican 16-lens camera module for smart phones beginning with its next model due out in 2014.  Nokia has apparently upped its investment in Pelican and Pelican has admitted it is in planning stage talks […]

iPhone 3G/3GS Cases Aren’t Dead

Apple has continued to release new models of iPhone since releasing the first-ever handset back in 2007. There is the original iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Manufacturers nowadays concentrate on making case and cover accessories for latest models which include iPhone 4, 4S and 5. However, […]

Rising Trend In The iPhone Application Development Industry

Simply talking is not the only way of communication! A lot of other stuff is required by the modern mobile phone users. Many big companies have created the markets for these types amazing and magical gadgets. And these wonderful gadgets have proved their worth by providing not only communication facilities but also many other various […]

Approaches to follow for iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 Jail Break

Overview The concept of jailbreak is a very important one in relation to iOS devices. It has truly brought a revolution to the use and application of Apple devices in several way and concepts. Jailbreak is simply an act of breaking the limitation posed on Apple devices or any other device in order for it […]

Transformation of TV in 2013 by Apple and Google

The chief executive of Apple Inc. has revealed some of the important plans for the company and especially targeting television. Each of the company is trying to offer something new to the market and it is evident that the technology battle has been started. Every organization is aiming to provide something new to the market […]

Global Apple – HTC Patent Dispute: Settled

First it was Samsung, but HTC went on to sign an agreement. Yes, we are talking about the disputes with Apple. Back in 2010, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing over twenty iPhone patents. Apple sought out an injunction that would be permanent and stop HTC from selling and importing phones. Apple did […]