5 Tap Tricks You Can Do On Your iPhone 5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you should know that we are now in the era where mobile phones have finally lost their thick and stumpy keypads. They were replaced by thin, hard and cold slates that require no hard pressing, just light tapping. And while the rules of ergonomics […]

The Newly Launched iPhone 5

The much awaited Apple smartphone finally made its debut this year and instantly got tagged as the best iPhone to date. IPhone lovers had to cool their heels until the launch of iPhone 5. It has been marked as a complete package & also offers everything wanted in its predecessor iphone4S and more. Yes! that […]

Interesting iOS 6 Features that You Didn’t Know

With an aim to make your everyday activities simple, Apple released its free software iOS 6 which was welcomed by iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users. The new operating system has mixed reactions among experts. Except for the iOS maps, the operating system has plenty of other features that have not been revealed by Apple. […]

iPod Touch 5G Features, Pricing and Availability

Technology has developed greatly in the last couple of years and the top brands aim to bring forth the best solutions to the needs that the consumers have. In matter of smartphones, Apple is one of the most representative names in the market as it brings forth products that are incredible suitable to both the […]

The Battle Between Google and Apple Continues

The Battle Between Google and Apple Continues

This has been a great month for mobile operating systems. The two major smartphone companies Apple and Google have both introduced their more advanced smartphone operating systems. But which of them is better will be revealed from the comparison below: Siri vs. Google Now Voice Search Google has not given Siri any serious thought when […]

Top 5 Iphone apps

Window Shopping by Marvin Windows and Doors

Undoubtedly, iPhone is the best smartphone in the world so far. The awesome gadget comes with great hardware features like camera, processor etc. But these things can’t make any user to stick with it for long time. It is the huge no. of apps in the Apple’s official app store, iTunes that make it to […]

Top 5 Free Games for iOS

Temple Run

I am sure you must have fallen in love with your iPhone by now; after all it has got the world’s largest app store. There are well over 6 million apps supported by iOS, but there’s a bit of problem. It becomes really hard to choose the best ones from these. Some apps may claim […]

Why Apple plans to revolutionize the pressure on ISPs With iCloud

Apples cloud storage

Apple lnc. The American multinational corporation launched iCloud which is Apple’s cloud storage and computing device. With the help of this particular service Apple is providing its users remote servers in which they can store data as well as content. With just one and half years of its initiation this particular service of Apple grabs […]

Smart I-Phone App for Smart Students and normal people as well

I-Phone only is the astonishing device which is like the most for everyone. Other than there are so many extraordinary App Store for the I-Phone that is complete the I-Phone really innovatory, by providing thousands of self-determining perfect application which made this I-Phone very useful to every normal person and every business man. This I-Phone […]

Which are the top iPad applications for Art Lover?

iPad applications

Now all the art lovers can stretch their creativity and imagination through the applications of iPad. It is a creative tool for the ones, who are interested in creative fields. From sketching to drawing, they can do everything related to art. The difference is just that this can be done digitally. Use iPad applications and […]