Blogging advice from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki, the co-founder of and partner in Garage Technology Ventures, is an online personality and business man, with a lot of experience, that inspires and explains how business and the online world work. If you try to look at your blog as a business you’ll be able to apply his advices on myths […]

Political reputation and status of Blogging

As we all know that since the origin, blogging concept is widely accepted in all the sectors of social life. Also after the rising of social networking, this concept is going on with boundless development. As there are many things like social thoughts which we need to share with everyone as it is the right […]

Lots of drift in blogging!

To a number of critics, blogging is a dead and gone phenomenon. How true is this? The years between 2000 and 2004 marked some of the best years for the blogging fraternity. This is when blogging was at its very peak with the number of blogs available in the World Wide Web increasing as the […]

Importance of protecting your privacy online

In addition to the quote in the title, Michael Fertik, CEO of is famous for saying “people’s information is the new oil.” What he means is that someone’s personal information is a valuable commodity and it is something that many different entities are desperate to get a hold of. Controlling who has access to […]

Basic Benefits of Adding Visual Images in Blogs

As visual images help in understanding the contents better and make your blog more attractive and colorful that invites more readers. It is good and beneficial for the blogger to add images related blog contents as usage of images without meaning is also of no use. Attraction for readers Addition of images provides some colors […]

Pointing your links to the exact places

Overview                                                                                                             […]

How to Come Up with a Successful Blog

In these days, online blogging have become a vital part of many people. Blogs were meant to be safe avenues through which individuals can share information regarding various topics and come up with commentaries. It was a quite effective means of sharing personal individual experiences. However, today blogs have becomes more of online marketing tools. […]

Want to create a blog or some blogging information?

Websites were basically just intended to be ‘Web Logs’ or private books for parts of on-line neighborhoods to keep in touch, sort of like ‘underground stories media ‘. Anyhow, it didn’t take ache for web enterprisers to get onto their ubiquity and to find how to utilize them to acquire cash. Assuming that you are […]

Blogging Today-No more an Alien Concept

A bold claim Blogging has now become a growing trend of internet world. You can become a well known figure, build new relationships, attract and win more customers and clients, attract new business and crush your competitors all through a Blog! Now this is a bold claim but it is true. Business people out there […]

Change the way you Blog – Restore your lost Motivation

Losing motivation is something that can happen to anyone belonging from any profession. There comes a time in our lives or careers that we lose the sight of our goal and start focusing on something else. The goal seems unbelievable and we start believing that there is no point to work for it. Some lose […]