Raze your WordPress Admin Account

The very first thing you should do in your wordpress account is to eradicate your admin username. Before wordpress 3 the admin account was automatically made by default. The problem with admin is that hackers know that many wordpress administrators are keeping it as their default username. If they know the path to your wordpress […]

For The WordPress Blog Use The Pagination Plugin

To have one of the best pagination blog, one can make the use of the pagination blog to use it. One should have the full control over the all paginations. The hyperlinks that are in it such as the next post and the previous post. The use of these two hyperlinks can be to navigate […]

Why we need to get Tips to Build a Spam-Free WordPress Blog

Gone are the days when technology takes time to turn a new fold, today’s competition is very high. The web is under major concern today as it simplifies the life of humans and every new technology affects the society. Out of available tools, WordPress is considered as one of the powerful and famous open source […]

WordPress Security Techniques To Secure Your Blog

Everybody cares about the security of their blogs. We here are providing you with the whole techniques and tips to secure your content and information from hackers. Backup for updates of WordPress The older version of the WordPress has many weaknesses which hacker’s targets. And to overcome this problem bloggers keeps backups of their blogs […]

Now Host Images Of WordPress Blog In Subdomain For Better Speed

If you are an ardent WordPress blogger, you will be very keen to share information along with wonderful pictures that portrays the information. We all know that dumping too much of images or pictures or graphical representations will eventually drop down the speed of your blog. This means, your blog will take a very long time to download where your visitors have to stay with patience until it […]

The Advantages of WordPress Blog Hosting

There are a large number of blogs that are created over the Web every day. You will be able to come across numerous blogs like recreational, advertising, educational blogs, marketing blogs, and various kinds of other blogs. Every single grouping of blogs is useful in attracting a large number of readers from varied backgrounds. If […]