How to search for the best domain name for your business

Success of an online business venture depends primarilyon its Domain name. It carries out the responsibility of representing the enterprise online. It is therefore one of the key decisions that require vital attention. Domain name is undoubtedly the first thing the user knows about you. It also determines the impact your website will have on […]

Reasons to Register a Domain Name for a New Online Business

One of the most important things a new online business owner must do is to register a domain name. Regardless of what a person is selling, registering a domain name gives an online business more credibility. An online business with a registered domain name convinces shoppers and customers that it’s not a ‘fly by night’ […]

Registering Multiple Domain Names

When companies need TLDs from Network Solutions or other domain name services, they must remember that there are things they can do to make sure no one ever misses their site. There are marketing aspects of business that companies must take care of, but these same companies can save themselves trouble when they plan ahead […]