Lumia 735: 5 reasons to buy the selfie phone

Microsoft Mobile launched the Lumia 735, a Windows Phone 8.1-powered smartphone in September last year. The main highlight of the mid-range Windows handset is a 5MP wide-angle front camera for selfie lovers. Apart from a decent front-facing snapper, there are a lot of reasons to buy the Lumia735, including interchangeablecolour shells, wireless charging, software and […]

Keeping Time Manually

When businesses want to keep time for each employee manually, they need to make sure that they are using hand punch time clocks. These clocks use paper cards that are punched by a digital clock system. The digital clock keeps the time all during the day, and the employee can see what time it is […]

The top six toughest phones

If you’re looking for a phone which is as ‘tough as old boots’ and have no interest in the technical features, the ergonomics or the fancy styling of the latest innovative smartphone, this is the blog for you. If you place practicality and durability over anything else then look no further, here is a list […]

Top 5 iPhone apps to manage employees online

Getting more use out of your iPhone is imperative if you are in business. Your iPhone is supposed to be an asset to your business, which means it needs to be more than a calling machine and an alarm clock. You need to expand its uses with apps, and one way you may extend its […]

Comparison between iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S

The Apple has brought about many different kinds of operating system in the world of technologies. They are mostly famous for their iOS and the amazing iPhone. They have already published several versions of this mobile phone. All of them were more amazing than the previous versions. Each one of them had new technologies embedded […]

Home Theater Quality Sound…For Your IPad!

More and more people are watching videos, listening to music, viewing television programming, and movies or more anytime and anywhere with their tablets, especially with their iPads. While video capabilities have gotten better and better, many find that the sound from their mobile devices could certainly be better and that a more enjoyable viewing experience […]

Quality mobile applications and their important features

Overview One of the greatest things which technology has brought to us in the modern time is the increase in use of mobile devices. Technology has made it possible for electronic components and software devices to experience reduction in physical sizes. Many years ago in the era of first generation computer, a computer system as […]

Clean and Creative Mobile Websites and Apps

Now a days many popular websites has a mobile verson of their main web. Business webs, Social webs and even blogs has a mobile verson of their own. A mobile verson of a normal website is actually a miniature of the original web. A certain amount of creativity is necessary to fulfil this requirement. Apart […]

Make a Business Friendly Mobile App

Plenty of people are using mobile phones these days. The number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day. Mobile applications are also getting very famous and some applications are equally or more famous than computer applications. Besides people who don’t have a computer might own a mobile phone. v  Understand latest trends. Some […]