5 Steps in Improving Your Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was perhaps the most popular Android smartphone during 2011. At this point, a good portion of the world owns a Galaxy S2. One of the main complaints Android users had was the battery life; it simply didn’t last long enough. As an Android phone, the Galaxy S2 was not immune to […]

Nokia Lumia 820 Review – Great Smartphone

The Nokia seems to release their very first Windows Phone 8 mobile phones like a do or die situation. It is not important for your Lumia 820 as well as Lumia 920 that they are most popular; however it is definitely essential that they encourage consumers of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system’s potential. The Android and […]

5 Top Viber Alternatives for iphone for Video & Audio Chats

It is digital era and in this time, we can see that technology cover the distances. Every body who has the iphone will wish to this application. It is true that this specific application is normally called as Viber and it will permit the users of iphone to make the phone calls towards each and […]

Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Easy Way

Introduction: Restoration of deleted data or applications is a big problem and when it occurs, user wants to recover the applications which are deleted but now he wants those applications again, by recovering earlier application rather than installing new one. It can be done with an application which is known as the best application for […]

All that you need to know about ‘Near Field Communication (NFC)’

Consider these scenarios. You’re at the grocery store ‘check-out’ line, bawling baby at hand, your 2 yr old tugging at your skirt, and you have to fish through your purse for the exact amount to pay the lady behind the counter. Your friend wants the pictures that you both took at the party last night, […]

The 5 Best Apps for Valentine’s Day

Romancing your Valentine is hard work. Traditional wisdom has you planning a candlelit dinner for two in your love nest or in a fancy restaurant that is sure to be both overpriced and completely packed on the day of love. Then you have to show up with roses, candy, or some other thoughtful gift, like […]

Cool Ideas for in-Car iPad Mount Set-up

Do you want to replace your GPS device with more effective device? You can do that by using your Smartphone. The iPad car mount is becoming the must have accessory. It enables you to enjoy the great applications and the features of the iPad while driving. No need to worry about the battery dying, because […]

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Today when we say keep your smartphone safe, it is not just one item or commodity that you are securing, in fact it is a lot more. The phone itself may not be that valuable, however if your phone is lost then with it goes a lot of information and data, among which is a […]

The Best Airplay Speakers for Your iPhone

If you love your iPhone, you’ve got to love AirPlay. This is the technology that will play your music from one device on as many speakers as you’d like if they are all on the same Wi-Fi network. This wireless technology does away with the painful process of going through the plugging in and unplugging […]

5 gadgets for people who like reading

If we are talking gadgets for reading then surely Amazons Kindle has to take position one to five without any contest. It has a massive screen but is not to troubling to hold. Its screen is bright with a great contrast. It allows room for plenty of whitespace on the screen so it is easier […]