Migrate from HDD to SSD Keeping Data and the Boot Drive Intact

Solid-state drives (SSDs) give high performance when you perform data read/write operations. This makes people who have the hard disk drives (HDDs) installed on their PCs upgrade to SSDs, aiming for speedy performance of their PCs. Well, the biggest risk involved in migrating from a HDD to SSD is the data loss. Although the loss […]

More Voice Over Auditions Being Cast Online than Ever Before

What was once the domain of only a handful of voice acting agencies in a few select major cities is now in the hands of voice actors around the globe, thanks to the advent of crowd sourcing websites like Voice Over Auditions.com. The website launched this week bringing more voice acting jobs to talent. Professional […]

MySQL Foundations: A Quick Background

MySQL is the world’s utmost used open foundation of relational database management system of 2008 that tracks as server supplying multi-user entree to a quantity of databases. It is termed after Michael Widenius daughter, my. The SQL expression views for Structured Query Language. The MySQL progression scheme has prepared its source code obtainable under the […]

5 Tap Tricks You Can Do On Your iPhone 5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you should know that we are now in the era where mobile phones have finally lost their thick and stumpy keypads. They were replaced by thin, hard and cold slates that require no hard pressing, just light tapping. And while the rules of ergonomics […]

How to Ignore the Internet and Focus on Your Study

Internet is valuable for a lot of things including studying. When you are connected to a high speed Internet, you can easily download books, videos or software programs that could assist you in your studies. However, when the Internet is used for other things such as social networking, online games or reading manga instead of […]

Graphics Card Buying Guide – Basic Things About Graphics Card That You Should Know

Video card or graphics card is a kind of unique computer accessory. Although graphics cards are meant to display superior media files, it is not necessarily required for basic computing tasks like internet browsing or managing office documents. Most of the computers have inbuilt graphics cards to display basic activities. One can even enjoy playing […]

How to get more views on your blog

Many people who write a blog often say to them self ‘what’s the point? I’m not getting many views.’ This can be down to a number of reasons which will be explained throughout this article. D-TechzD-Techz is an admin at techybloggerz and a part time blogger who love technology and likes to try on new […]

How to Get Rid of a Trojan Virus


A Trojan virus is a virus that can impact various files around your computer. It may look like a legitimate item but it is actually something that can steal data from your computer and infect files. You need to understand how to get rid of a Trojan virus if you are going to keep your […]

How to Install Aglet Software(tahiti server) in Windows

Requirements: You must have java installed on your windows pc If not then download it from Here.  Prefer to install it in c:\java Download Apache ant server from Here.   Installing ant server Extract Downloaded File in “drive C:” and rename D-TechzD-Techz is an admin at techybloggerz and a part time blogger who love technology […]

Use Google Trick to Search And Download Full Version Softwares WithIn Minutes

Google,the name on which whole Internet Field is supported.Google is used by almost 53 percent of global internet users.When we talk about surfing the internet and looking for the information we need,Google is the best.But when we look into Google Search tips and tricks and then use it ourselves then Google seems to be leaving […]