How to Resume All Media Fire Downloads

The web is all about downloading files that you need and there are a lot of file sharing websites that provide a bunch variety of files that you can download.Media Fire is one of them  and probably the best one.Unlike other file sharing websites it allows you to have parallel downloads of your files and […]

Empire Avenue-Show Your Social Media Power

Hello friends,while suffering on internet i came up with the Empire Avenue and going to talk about it.Social Media that includes Facebook,Twitter,Orkut,MSN and other social networking sites,is growing day by day and people are getting addicted to Social Media.If you are also one of them then why not show your Social Media power to other […]

Facebook Video Scams-You May be Next Victim

Right from the early months of 2011 Facebook is growing surprisingly and now it has network of 800 Million users.Among these users,there are naughty mates as well, whose sole purpose to join the Facebook is to dis comfort other users.With a little bit of knowledge of coding they are continuously sending Video Scams.Here is how […]

Top Tools That You Should Not Miss To Work With Facebook

Howdy Friends.. All of us use Facebook daily and its now a part of life for many users.I am going to talk about some Add ons,Extensions that we can use to have a unique experience with Facebook.Actually if we search for Add Ons for Mozilla in Add-Ons gallery then result will come up with a […]

Send Profile Picture as Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Howdy,Friends hope you are all fine.Skype and Yahoo Messenger both are great softwares to have a chat with your friends online.You might have used anyone of them.These services has growing number of users over the internet and there is a great rush of people there.While chatting in any of these softwares we can send smileys […]

50+ Websites to Get Twitter Followers

Twitter is the no 9 largest website in World over the world according to Alexa Ranking and the best in its category.You may also be the user of it and fimiliar with followers and tweets. More the no. of followers you have,more is your popularity.If you are webmaster then you already know the power of […]

Delete Facebook Timeline in 10 Seconds

Facebook the name all are fimiliar with,always keep changing their theme and app settings to keep people interested in Facebook.The changes are made to make it more lovable and famous but the real fact is that it is leaving negative impact on its users and new features or changes are not liked by anyone. So […]

How to tweet automatically in Twitter


Well,Twitter the best micro niche blogging site is known to everyone and dont need any introduction.There is a huge rush of audience over there and you might be one out of them.Tweets keep coming from the Twitter users.The word tweet is now like a brand and you might be the user of this brand as […]