Lumia 735: 5 reasons to buy the selfie phone

Microsoft Mobile launched the Lumia 735, a Windows Phone 8.1-powered smartphone in September last year. The main highlight of the mid-range Windows handset is a 5MP wide-angle front camera for selfie lovers. Apart from a decent front-facing snapper, there are a lot of reasons to buy the Lumia735, including interchangeablecolour shells, wireless charging, software and […]

Lumia 535 VS Lumia 730

Lumia 535 is the latest smartphone stunner, a first of its affordable kind by Microsoft. The company has also built the Lumia 730 with a stunning display, the low priced phone market has brought in an overload of colour to the Indian society, and the quality of design is on par with its high-end counterparts. […]

War 2014: HTC One M8 VS Galaxy S5 VS iPhone 5s

No matter what you find on the mid range devices, companies work day and night to make the best when it comes to flagship devices. Samsung showcased the Samsung Galaxy S5 and while it wasn’t a huge improvement in terms of design over the Galaxy S4, it packs in many features that were seen for […]

How To Save Your Smartphone’s Battery From Fast Drainage

Your smartphone is your new pocket-sized computer. You can connect to the internet, do social surfing, book tickets and what not, all you need is a smartphone in your hand. However, it also has its own limit. With the removable batteries becoming rare and rare, you have to take special care of the one that […]

Buy Instagram Followers – Improve Your Business Today

Would you like to increase the number of followers that you have on Instagram? Perhaps you have been trying to do so on your own, but have not been able to achieve the thousands of followers that other people seem to have. Regardless of how many videos and images that you put up, most of […]

Nokia Lumia 910 personifies sheer elegance

Nokia began with its ‘Lumia’ series first in 2011. Spanning over three generations of Nokia Lumia models, this brand is backed by the operating system of Windows. Over the years, Nokia has been one of the leading and most promising giants when it comes to mobile phones and music accessories. However with the new range […]

Top 5 Mobiles in India in October 2013: An Overview

The Smartphone market in India is heating up as various handset manufacturers are launching new devices at the drop of a hat. Here is a list of top 20 Smartphones that ruled the scene in October 2013. The top 5 positioned mobile phones include Nokia Lumia 520, Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung […]

Why the New HTC ONE is Leading Smartphone in Industry

Just like other Smartphones, HTC One is also one of the best in the market today. It is because of the exciting features it provides to its users. The amazing HTC One Smartphone has a 4th Generation LTE network that provides ultra-broadband access to the internet. That is why the phone’s usage of internet is […]

Is Your Smartphone Smart Enough?

When you stop to think about your smartphone, it is actually pretty amazing. We have essentially taken the humble cell phone and transformed it into a miniature computer that fits into our pockets. Yet very few of us have tapped its true potential. Check out some of the ways that your smartphone could be even […]

How The BlackBerry Lead to A Phone Revolution

BlackBerry phones have certainly come a long way from where they started over a decade ago. BlackBerry smartphones have helped to transform the way people looked at communication devices and helped lead the way into a revolution that would give us the phones we have today. The Start of a Revolution The company introduced the […]