Imperative Tips Concerning Social Media Strategy

Managing your social media accounts happens to be something complicated that normally asks for a serious investment of creativity and time, but if done appropriately, it can reward you with effective and useful publicity as no other media source can. I am to list down some vital yet fundamental tips on how you can manage […]

The Latest Social Media Marketing Strategies

The stiff competition among brands in the market means that businesses have to learn and implement new social media marketing strategies in order to stay in business. Why social media marketing strategies are important Social media marketing is extremely powerful and hence, it deserves recognition by all businesses since its growth has become very rapid. […]

Creating Effective Backlink Building through Facebook and Twitter

The first and the foremost thing that all business owners take advantage of social media networks is its strong power to increase website traffic. There are so many forms of social network websites with their comprehensive tools that business owners can take advantage of. Most of them have found out that social media is the […]

Facebook declares Graph Search for a more modified search experience

Social media giant Facebook announces their latest addition to their service: Graph Search. Graph Search is rather different from normal web searching, and adds to the search experience by allowing users to search the web by using combined phrases instead of just keywords, receiving content related to those phrases. Graph Search seeks to modify everyone’s […]

Automatic Tweeting – A Guide on How to Schedule Automatic Tweets

 Twitter has become an important part of our lives. This social network service allows people to post “tweets,” posts that are only 140 characters long. These tweets can serve a number of purposes; from simple status updates to promoting different things like a new product or blog. Whatever the reason, Twitter has made it possible […]

What hazards social media will cause this year?

The darker side of social media We all are well aware of the benefits of social media but like every other thing it has both pros and cons. We barely pay importance to the disadvantages but the fact is they really exist and must not be ignored. Here are some hazards of social media listed […]

Facebook Lovers and Their Desire of Nokia Asha 205

All latest mobile phones have easy access to Facebook and this may be very common. But what if you can access your favorite social media in such easiest way that you’ve never experienced before? Then this is the right time to have Nokia Asha 205 which is very impressive to all phone users who deal […]

Social media in past Vs Social Media in 2013

Social media in past and today Few years back social media was just confined to newspapers, radios and television only and required a lot of effort to make communication. Where as in today’s world it’s just at a distance of click only. Different forums like twitter, facebook and bloggers are made in this regard. The […]

How to Get Started with Twitter Filters

Come Monday, and Twitter has come up with a photo filter very similar to the one provided by Instagram. This happened after the two social media broke up on their earlier relationship sometime back. Earlier, photos used to be in Twitter itself, but now what you will see in the new form is just links […]

Effects of Social Media For Kids – Make It Work Positively!

The social media platform helps friends to connect and businesses to market their products and services. Additional services induce research, and find out the latest details and events happening all over the globe. When you log online you find it easier to connect with friends, start to gossip, share ideas, and experiences through the chat […]