Windows 8 Desktop comes with a good variety of improvements. This improvements are encouraging thus Desktop users can look over this article and if they find an upgrade worth it, they can go ahead and upgrade their desktops. In this article I will look at the major improvements Desktop users will enjoy in case of […]

Procedure – How To Create Windows XP Bootable USB Drive

Installing windows XP from a USB drive is not an easy deal, since it requires an advanced setup to work. Windows XP will not work or boot through a usual USB drive or through any removable drive. However it is possible to install windows XP through a USB flash drive when you follow these fundamental procedures. When installing Windows or any Operating system through a USB drive […]

All That You Need To Know About ‘Windows Azure Mobile Services’

Connecting a scalable cloud backend to your mobile and client apps is extremely easy with Windows Azure Mobile Services.  It enables: storing ordered data in the cloud capable of spanning users and devices, integrating user verification with it, and sending out information to clients thru push notifications. Now you can include these capabilities in any […]

How To Recover Deleted Files From windows 8

In this tutorial we will tell you about how to recover deleted files from Windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure.Have you ever permanently deleted a file or document that you didn’t wish to and desired to recover it but didn’t get it in the recycle bin? Don’t worry, Windows 8 users may still get it […]

New update on release timeline and review for Microsoft Windows Phone 8

This release timeline and review latest products Microsoft Windows Phone 8 May be one of you have known about the release date of Windows 8 platform for desktops, laptops and tablets will be held on October 26. But when is the release date for Windows Phone 8? It is known that WP8 will soon overtake […]