Cell phone camera – Taking control of it through handy applications

Though the Smartphones are very popular with one and all, though these phones are high in technical aspects, using the camera can become tough. Most of the people complain that they cannot have enough control over their camera. You cannot enjoy the different camera functions you can enjoy over other cell phones cameras. These are the zoom effect, the size of the aperture, the speed of the shutter and so on. With the advancement of the technology though most of the parts of the cell phone has advanced a lot, there are various other advancements that are required over the camera.
Applications to take control over the camera

Some of the applications that can help you with maintaining some control over the camera of your Smartphone are:

PicPlz – This is an application that offers some forms of filters and additional effects. In addition, it has integrated within it some social networking capabilities. This helps you to share things on the Facebook and other social networking websites like that of Twitter, Flickr and so on with fastness and ease. You may be able to get this application for free from the Android stores.

PicPlz Apps

Camera360 Ultimate – This application has various features incorporated within it. This application provides you with the option to get the Lomo-like effects. In addition to this, it also helps you with getting the HDR effect, and the effect of reversal film stock simulation of high-contrast, shifts with regards to the tilts, the selective focus, the grid alignments, and also a type of timer with regards to the self-portraits. This application may cost you around $4.

Darkroom – With regards to most of the iPhone’s cameras the problem is that these offer really low levels of light performance. But, Darkroom is an application that helps to take the snaps even in dark backgrounds. This application is mainly available for your iPhone and is available for free.

Adobe Photoshop Express – The Adobe Photoshop Express is not actually a camera application. However, it is quite useful as it has manipulation tool for both iPhone and Androids. It helps you to rotate and crop the images and also helps you add touch-ups. With this application you will also be able to apply different filters and work on color adjustments, the brightness of the picture and also work on the contrast. This application too is available for free
So, here are some of the applications that may help you in getting some control over the camera of your Smartphone.
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